Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Where in the world is Waldo?

Or Pat to be more precise.

I'm working hard. Playing softball. Watching baseball. Running some.

Real Estate has kept me busy. I'm all over town getting deals done and coming home tired. After work I haven't had much energy to do much.

So, I haven't kept up on my Runner's World issues and I haven't visited running blogs like I would like too. I have been reading some Nancy Taylor Rosenberg murder mystries lately and just started Pastwatch, a sci fi book, my wife insists I read. It's pretty cool.

I've been playing softball two nites a week, so I don't get to run on Thursdays and Fridays. Last Friday we won 17-0. It's the second time in my life I've thrown a shut out.

I keep following the Reds on Directv. I watch almost every game either live in the late afternoon. My siesta. Or late at night on the DVR. The Reds are a real up and coming team. Not sure if they have enought to catch the Cubs, but it should be a fun season to watch.

Amy and I just got back from taking our kids to San Diego. We went to Sea World, the beach on Coronado Island and got to see the Reds play the Padres in their new stadium. We even sat thru an 18 ininning game that took 6 hours to play. My family were real troupers to stay the entire time. Tyler and I had a great time rooting for the visiting team and taking a little heat from the home town fans. Unfortunately, the Padres' Adrian Gonzalez hit a three run homer in the 18th for the win.

I did get in a few runs in SD. All on the treadmill. I wish I would have gotten a chance to run on the beach, but lying on the sand like a sea lion was what I did. The kids and I did make a perfect sand cube. I used it as a table as I layed there watching the sea gulls dive into the bay. Does that make them baygulls?

Anyway, I have been getting 5-10 miles in a week. Not a lot, but some. I plan to up that amount so that I can start racing again and do some of the fall half marathons.


Dan Seifring said...

Thanks for the update Pat, good to hear from you.

Pokey said...

Long lost running buddy!!!!!!! Sooooooooo good to see you post ;)

Lisa and I miss you and hope you will come out to run with us again this fall!!!! We promise not to talk about *girl stuff* or oogle over some other woman's nice legs ;)

When it cools off some, I expect to see you bright and early on Saturday mornings at Tumbleweed :)

Irene said...

Glad you had a nice time in San Diego. Next time I'l like to actually meet you! I live less than 2 miles from Sea World.

Thanks for the update. I was wondering how you've been doing.

Jeff said...

Glad to see you're still hanging in there, Pat!

scott keeps running said...

oh, there you are.

J~Mom said...

I did not promise not to oogle!! :>D

Firefly's Running said...

Welcome back, Pat. It's nice to see you again.

Cheryl said...

Ditto - it's nice to see you back! I'm glad to hear that you and the family got away for some vacation time in San Diego.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Glad to hear things are going well. San Diego sounded fun. If you need any book suggestions, let me know.

Irene said...

I've tagged you!

Check out my 6/10/08 blog post.

I haven't been running.

Cheryl said...

Hey, "Waldo"! I saw your new neighbor, Ice-T and his family on the new celebrity Family Feud the other night. Did you watch it? Hope you're having a good summer.

CurrentlyVince said...

You could really use a new post on your blog. And I'm going to suggest a topic:

You've been "tagged" by me as part of a "Six Random Things" game. I just have a feeling that you'd be good at it.

See my blog for more explanation.

Maybe we'll see you posting on RW online sometime again soon?