Sunday, February 07, 2010

Running past the kids

There's two things I do when I run to Desert Breeze Lake from my house. I tap my 26.2 decal when I'm done and I tap the shoe of this statue.

It's kids playing on a log. I saw a similar statue just north of the Metrodome in Minneapolis after my marathon. It reminds me to enjoy the moment. Today I got in a 3.2 mile run. The fifth run this week.
When I ran this way yesterday I left a dollar bill in a tree. See it in the picture below?

It's a gift for someone. But no one's seen it yet. This sidewalk isn't used much. Just runners, walkers and snot nosed kids with their skateboards. Or you, just go on down to Desert Breeze Parkway for your very own dollar bill.
Indianapolis 35 New Orleans 21. What's your guess?

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A message on RunningAhead

I got a message on RunningAhead. I didn't even know you could leave messages. Here it is:

hi meepmeep!
have you been running much?
okay, i admit, i haven'tbeen running much, and the farthest i can run is 0.625 mile.
how are u doing?
i am fine. since you probbaly have more expirience running then i do, can you tell me about it?
i mean like what do you do before and after you run?
like that stuff. thanks!ha ha the smiley faces.
not to be rude, butyou don't have to answer the questions. i just wantto get to know you more.
1. well first, are you a boy or a girl.
2. what is your favorite hobby?
3. and uh,when you run, do you have to eat certain things?
well first,
1. i am a girl,
2. my most favorite hobby is ice skating,
3. and uh, i am no.

After I reply, if you don't hear from me for for awhile you can send me mail to:

Florence Correctional Facility
Cell 1002
Florence, AZ

Fortunately, I have friends in there (Nick).

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Mt. Chandler Dual Athletics

I saw this billboard, so I stopped running. Not sure why, but I took some time off. I even did run a few times because it was too cold. In Arizona. But today, I grabbed my garmin and put on my PF Chang's race shirt. Then I grabbed my recurve and headed on over to Mt. Chandler.

Mt. Chandler or the Paseo Recreation Center is a landfill topped off with a park. It's the highest point in our fair city and has an archery range, disc golf course, dog park and a one mile soft dirt trail with great views in all directions.
I did the loop twice and then ran to the highest point to end my two mile run. When you run north you can see Camelback Mountain. To the west is South Mountain and to the north east you can see Four Peaks, Red Mtn and the Superstitions. Great views. It's not pancake flat, but close with a 30 foot drop off all along the trail. It's like running on the perimeter of a huge man made dirtpile.
Then it was off to the archery range with my recurve bow. I haven't shot an arrow in over 2 years. I had a hard time remembering how to put my bow together, let alone shoot an arrow.

If you're an archer, this place is fantastic. Five targets at different ranges set up and shade at the shooting line.