Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Mt. Chandler Dual Athletics

I saw this billboard, so I stopped running. Not sure why, but I took some time off. I even did run a few times because it was too cold. In Arizona. But today, I grabbed my garmin and put on my PF Chang's race shirt. Then I grabbed my recurve and headed on over to Mt. Chandler.

Mt. Chandler or the Paseo Recreation Center is a landfill topped off with a park. It's the highest point in our fair city and has an archery range, disc golf course, dog park and a one mile soft dirt trail with great views in all directions.
I did the loop twice and then ran to the highest point to end my two mile run. When you run north you can see Camelback Mountain. To the west is South Mountain and to the north east you can see Four Peaks, Red Mtn and the Superstitions. Great views. It's not pancake flat, but close with a 30 foot drop off all along the trail. It's like running on the perimeter of a huge man made dirtpile.
Then it was off to the archery range with my recurve bow. I haven't shot an arrow in over 2 years. I had a hard time remembering how to put my bow together, let alone shoot an arrow.

If you're an archer, this place is fantastic. Five targets at different ranges set up and shade at the shooting line.


Anonymous said...

I've heard rumors that this park was opening soon. That's fantastic! And great job at getting that run done!

Adam said...

These pictures are GREAT! I honestly am not sure that I could drive to that if I had to.

Glad that you are out and running again!