Sunday, February 07, 2010

Running past the kids

There's two things I do when I run to Desert Breeze Lake from my house. I tap my 26.2 decal when I'm done and I tap the shoe of this statue.

It's kids playing on a log. I saw a similar statue just north of the Metrodome in Minneapolis after my marathon. It reminds me to enjoy the moment. Today I got in a 3.2 mile run. The fifth run this week.
When I ran this way yesterday I left a dollar bill in a tree. See it in the picture below?

It's a gift for someone. But no one's seen it yet. This sidewalk isn't used much. Just runners, walkers and snot nosed kids with their skateboards. Or you, just go on down to Desert Breeze Parkway for your very own dollar bill.
Indianapolis 35 New Orleans 21. What's your guess?


TNTcoach Ken said...

I'm going out on a limb and saying New Orleans 31, Indy 14..........

Rio said...

That is a nice routine (the tapping)- I like that. I also think that's cool to leave a gift for a random person by foot- I wonder how long it'll be there.
Have a great week!

Adam said...

I've ran around that park once before (when I lived w/ my inlaws @ Ray and Kyrene). It is really fun

Irene said...

The dollar bill in the tree is a cool thing to do!