Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Walk Across Arizona reaches Tubac

About 20 miles north of the border is the town of Tubac.
Many of us are around here in our Walk Across Arizona.
I figure as we head north, I'll give you a tour of our state.
The actual information will be on my sister blog -
Tubac is an artist colony and one worth visiting
if you are ever in the southern part of Arizona.

Congratulations on reaching Tubac, now on
to Tucson, the home of the University of Arizona.

My Run

Mile 1263, Chandler, AZ - I did another 1 hour run. I got to 4.99 miles. It killed me that I wasn't over 5. Last night I tried the 'downward dog' yoga pose. I thought I could do it forever, but it gets hard to do after awhile too. You can last longer than when you are doing a 'plank', but after a minute you start to feel the burn.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Super Bowl Plans!

Mile 1158, Chandler, AZ - If you live here in the Valley of the Sun, you may have heard about the football game being played this Sunday in Glendale. And you may have heard about the golf tournament in Scottsdale. And you may want to avoid those areas, unless you enjoy sitting in traffic or waiting for hours to get seated at IHOP, let alone any of the in restaurants.

My plans are to stay away from Phoenix, Scottsdale and Glendale. I'll get in a couple 5 mile runs in Chandler on Wednesday and Thursday. Play softball on Thursday and Friday. I'm in two leagues. And do a long run of 11 miles on the weekend. Heck, I might even do a run during the Super Bowl itself. There's a trail/canal on the south side of the UofP Dome, so I could run it and marvel at the crowds in the parking lot. I know, I said I'd stay away from Glendale, but if I park 5 miles from the stadium, there should be no crowds. I think.

Of course, if anyone has any tickets to the game I could have for free, I might be tempted. Ahh, who am I kidding, I'd sell them and go for a run.

Today? I got in 5.25 mile in 1 hour around the neighborhood. It was in the mid 50's and beautiful today. I decided I was going to run for an hour and see how far I could go.

University of Phoenix Stadium is the only football stadium in the world named after a college that doesn't have a football team. Think about that!
UPDATE: Road the exercise bike for 1 hour. That counts for 4 miles for the Walk Across Arizona. Total todate: 11.55 miles

Sunday, January 27, 2008

precipitation, rainwater, drizzle, rainfall, raindrops, driving rain, mizzle, Scotch mist

Mile 1253, Chandler, AZ - And all day long. We don't get to run in the rain much around here, so I suited up and went for a quick run before dinner. It went smoothly, but I hate sweating inside a layer of clothing. I did about 2.3 miles. The garmin doesn't like it when it's overcast, so I had to figure out the mileage when I got home.
Ken from Detroit sent me a tee for winning the Biggest Loser. Here it is. On the back it says, "Getting Foot Traffic in Detroit Since 1983." Pretty cool tee. If you haven't checked out Ken's blog, you should. He's a great guy that helps train Team In Training athletes up in the big mitt.
He's, also, participating in the Race Across Arizona.
Speaking of the Race Across Arizona. I did my first 2.3 miles that can go toward that journey. I'm 2.3 miles from the Mexico border. There tends to be quite a bit of walkers in this part of the state, however, they tend not to be US citizens. I only need to go 407.7 til I get to Utah.


Running Schedule:

February 17: Lost Dutchman Half Marathon

March 1: Ostrich Festival 5k
March 9: Valley of the Sun Half Marathon

March 29: Laughlin Half Marathon


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hey Karen, slow down!

Lisa, Karen & Pat run so much we have our own sign.

Mile 1251, Chandler, AZ - I knew I wasn't ready to race today. I've run less than 5 miles in the past two weeks since the marathon. My heel was feeling better, but my left knee was a bit swollen. I didn't want to spend $20 on a 5k, so I skipped the "Run for the Islands" and met Lisa and Karen at Tumbleweed Park for a long run.

No, I wouldn't have picked a 10 miler. But, that's what we did. Five miles out, five back. The first 6-7 miles were fine. We were doing a 5 minute run/1 minute walk and around an 11 minute running pace. It was a good workout. Until.

The last few miles. Karen ate some shot bloks and took off. It was like jet fuel. She looked really good. Karen was right behind her and both of them were afraid to look back at me. I was trailing. Dragging. No way was I going to keep up with them. I asked for a shot blok from Karen. She said they were a bit hard, since she left the bag open. I think she left it open in the freezer. At the end I was walking and Karen even doubled back to give me a push. She could have run on. I could have layed down on the concrete and taken a nap. Which is what I did when I got back to the hacienda. 3+ hours of sleep for my tired body.

Walk (Run) Across Arizona

It all starts tomorrow. We have two teams and are competing in Maricopa county against 138 other teams. Each of our teams are planning to run or walk over 2000 miles. That's almost 5 times across Arizona.

Here's the teams:
BlogWalkRun - Pat's Team

Pat from Arizona
Cheryl from Maine
Jeff from Maryland
Erick from Arizona
Karen from Arizona
Katie R from Maryland
Lisa from Arizona.
BlogWalkRun - Amy's Team
Amy from Arizona
Carolyn from Arizona
Robbie from Missouri
Ranae from Virginia
Taryn from Arizona
Katie B from Arizona
Ken from Michigan
Beverly from Texas

Not only will we have a little competition among our two teams, but hopefully we can fair well against the rest of the teams.

Hillary Clinton - I just got a call. The caller ID said Hillary Clinton, so I answered, "Hello Hillary!". There was a pause. Then a lady introduces herself and said she was calling for Hillary. I said, "I thought it was Hillary." She laughed, but I think I threw her for a loop.

Friday, January 25, 2008

The First Plank Challenge

The winner of the Monahan Family plank is our pet turtle Speedy. He can stay in this position for 5 minutes or longer.

First up was Tyler. I told him that if he could do a plank for longer than 25 seconds, I would take out the garbage. I, also, told him that I would give him 5 cents for every second over 25. He lasted for 29 seconds. I took out the garbage and owe him 20 cents.

Next Emily, the other teenager. I told her that if she beat her brother I would do the dishes next time it was her turn. And 5 cents for each second over 25. She crushed her brother and did 56 seconds pretty impressive. I owe her $1.55 and the dishes.

Next my wife, Amy. Amy's way past her teen years and gave it the old college try. Her butt was a bit high and she collasped after 5 seconds. We gave her a second chance. 25 seconds later she was happy with her effort. I told her if she did over a minute I would do the laundry next time. Oh well, no laundry.

Then my turn came. I was scared I wasn't going to be able to beat my daughter's time. No one offered to give me any nickles or do any chores. I was on my own. After 15 seconds I was hurting. After 30 seconds I started to bounce. At 56 seconds all I wanted was to get to 1 minute. I finally collaspsed at 62 seconds, a Personal Record.

The Monahan four got a total time of 172 seconds or 44 seconds per person.

How did your family do? Post your results in the comments with individual times, total time and average time.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Softball Nite in the Desert

It's softball nite and our team, at 3-1 played the first place team (4-0). We didn't do so well in the first game and got shlacked 21-3. I was pitching and they were hitting. So we were down a little, but not out.

In the second game we got up 10-0 and were playing pretty good defense. We kept pouring it on and got to a 21-0 lead in the fourth. After four, if you have a 20 run lead the game is over. So, I just needed to get three outs for my first ever shutout. The first guy popped out, then they got a hit. The next guy, who was a bit on the large size hit a ball to our third baseman. Our man tried to get a force at second but threw the ball into right. The runner rounded third and I was thinking there goes my shut out. I'm yelling, 'home, throw the ball home'. Our right fielder throws it to second where the heavy batter was trying to advance. We tagged him out for two and luckily the runner advanced to third and stopped. Two outs, man on third and I need one more out for the shut out.

The next batter hits a hard liner right between my legs. I reach down and grab the ball. It's in my glove. The batter is standing at home staring at me. I have the ball and I take my time to throw it to first. Game over and we shut out the first place team. I've been pitching for 4-5 years now and I've never had a shut out. Until tonight.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Plantar fasciitis

Mile 1241, Chandler, AZ -As you may know I've been battling some PF pain. Every morning I wake up and I can barely walk. I've had this before and I know that it gets better as I get a chance to stretch out my PF.
But, it hasn't gotten better until today. So, tonight I got to run. I picked a soft service, can you guess where I ran?

I got in 2.26 miles walk at the end because my left foot was starting to hurt and I didn't want to overdue it. We'll see how it feels tomorrow. I have a doubleheader against the first place team tomorrow nite and a possible 5k on Saturday. Will just have to wait and see.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Family Plank

No, not that kind of plank.
This kind.
I asked my family how long they could do a plank. Nancy, up in Iowa talks about planks, but I had never done one. I did one for 42 seconds and I was bouncing at the end. Nancy did one for 120 seconds.

Not knowing my time, my son, Tyler said for about 10 seconds. My wife, Amy said she could do one for 2 minutes. My daughter, Emily said 5 minutes. I told them we would have a family 'Plank Contest' on Friday and I'll report the times on my blog.

Now, on Friday if you and your family would like to do a 'Plank Contest' and compare them with our family and anyone else, please feel free to leave your results as a comment. Give us each individual time and a family average. You can even leave ages. This may be a monthly challenge.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Shiprock, New Mexico or San Diego?

Yes, I'm thinking about the next marathon. I'd like to do one in May or June. I thought about doing the Flying Pig in Cincinnati, my home town, but that will probably have to wait until next year. I thought about the Whiskey Row Marathon in Prescott, AZ, but it's billed as the toughest marathon in the US. Not ready for that. The Labor of Love Marathon in Nevada? Nope, it goes from 4500' elevation to 7000'. Sounds like a tough one too. The Country Music Marathon in Nashville is a possibilty, but I'd rather have something closer.

That leaves me with the San Diego Rock N' Roll on June 1st (pictured on top) and the Shiprock Marathon in New Mexico on May 3rd.(pictured below).

San Diego will have big crowds in an urban setting. I'll get to go to the ocean and maybe a ballgame.

Shiprock will have less than 100 marathoners in the high desert. No crowds. More downhill, than up. The only marathon on an Indian Reservation. It'll have a bonus too. It's near the Four Corners monument. The only place in the US that four different states touch. I have a strong desire to go there and run a couple miles in the desert through Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. You don't get to many opportunities to cover four states in one run.

So, what do you think? Should I do Shiprock and the four corners? Should I do San Diego and the beaches? Or should I do a different race?

Here's a list of all my marathon races -

Marathons 26.2 miles:
1/14/2008 - Rock N' Roll Arizona 5:51:34 ...13:25 pace
Half Marathons 13.1 miles:
12/9/2007 -Fiesta Bowl - Scottsdale 2:27:41... 11:17 pace
10/7/2007 -Casa Grande Half Marathon 2:34:49 ...11:50
3/18/2007 -Valley of Gold - Tucson 2:42:53 ...12:27
2/18/2007 -Lost Dutchman -Apache Junction 2:43:06 ...12:28
1/14/2007 -Rock N' Roll Arizona Half Marathon 2:47:54 ...12:50
10/27/2007 -YMCA South Mountain Half 2:49:30 ...12:57

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Biggest Loser Prizes

I got two tees for winning the Biggest Loser Fantasy League. One from Jeff over at FormerlyFatRunningGuy and one from Emil (Bob) at In Pursuit of a Half Marathon. Both of these blogs are worth reading. Jeff's tee is from the Dazzle Dash race in Columbia, Maryland. Emil's tee is from his home town of Cadillac, Michigan.
Dan from Obrats sent me a reward for having the winning team in the Fantasy Biggest Loser League. TastyKakes from the east coast. These Philly treats can be very addicting. If you haven't been to Dan's blog, you should check it out. It has an all new look to it. I googled Obrats and his info was in the first 9 found items. My blog was the tenth one. He, also stuffed the box with sports pages. I do love to read out town newspapers. I didn't know that high school bowling was such a big deal back east.
Coming soon to a store near you is the new garmin. Does anyone want to buy a used garmin 305?

Running Schedule:

January 26th: Run for the Islands 5k

February 17: Lost Dutchman Half Marathon
March 1: Ostrich Festival 5k
March 9: Valley of the Sun Half Marathon

March 29: Laughlin Half Marathon


Friday, January 18, 2008

The Aftermath

My softball season started the Thursday before the marathon. I told my coach I wasn't going to play in the first game. I didn't want to get hurt and miss the marathon.

So, I played last night. Two games, I pitched. The first inning I had to catch a really high pop up between home and the pitchers mound. The ball had a bit of a twist at the very end and was heading toward my head instead of my glove. I barely caught it. Then a few innings later, a batter hit a hard grounder right back at me. As I was trying to avoid getting hit, the ball found the front of my foot. Injury one. I still made the out and continued to play. Running around the bases is a lot more stressful on your joints than an easy couple of miles jogging. Today, I woke up with some serious heal pain and left knee pain. I think it's a combination of running 26.2 miles and playing softball. Injury two.
Let's hope it gets better in the next few days.
I limped around today without the crutches. I haven't used them yet, but will tomorrow if it continues to hurt. You can tell by the picture, I haven't adjusted them to my height yet. My shorter daughter likes to play with them from time to time. I bought them the last time I got hurt playing softball. We keep them for just such a case.
Good thing I didn't play last week or I might not be a. . .
I have to get healthy by the 29th so that I can chase some skirts.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wall of Fame

At my desk are a lot of my race bibs and medals. Thought you might like to see it.

I like to read Scott Dunlop's blog. He's an incredible trail runner and his last post has some great video of race finishes. You got to check it out.

I'm really looking forward to this year's Olympics. I know two Archers that may make the US Olympic Archery team and since I've been running, I'm really looking forward to all the track events. I hope you are too.

The first Archer is Brady Ellison. Right now he is in 1st place for qualifying for Bejing and only three men make it. You can see Brady on Monday nite. He is the stunt double on CSI Miami. It's an archery scene.

The second Archer is Lindsay Pian. Check out this video of her. And yeah, I'm in it. Can you find me? That's my son Tyler in the white tee next to me. It was before I started running.

Running Schedule:

January 26th: Run for the Islands 5k

February 17: Lost Dutchman Half Marathon

March 1: Ostrich Festival 5k
March 9: Valley of the Sun Half Marathon

March 29: Laughlin Half Marathon

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Speed Walkers

I saw a few speed walkers at the marathon. I would pass them, but if I did a walk break they would go flying by me. Which reminded me of the most hilarious video from Half-Fast's blog of a speed walker being chased by Samurai warriors. The Videographer asked if the walker was in a life threatening moment, would the walker run? What do you think?

Speaking of the blog we all love. Half-Fast is hosting a "Shave your 5k Challenge". It's a challenge to see who can improve their 5k time the best in 2008. Go check it out, it's pretty cool.

And Half-Fast also posted about promoting your blog on The Complete Running Network. I did and I think it's a great place to find other running blogs. Check it out.

Thanks Vanilla. I miss your blog for a week or so and I come back and find all kind of gold.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Boston Qualifier?

I missed qualifying for Boston by 21 minutes.

Oh, and I missed it by not being a women.

That is over 80 years old.

Mile 1238, Chandler, AZ - I got a short run in before dinner. 2.4 miles at a 11:06 pace. I just wanted to make sure every felt good. Feet felt good. I had a small blister, but it's healing. Knees felt good. Legs felt good.

I followed it up with some light dumbbell lifting while I watched Biggest Loser. Tomorrow I'll get a good run in and then softball winter season starts on Thursday. It actually started last week, but I didn't want to play before the marathon.

You Got to Love Running

I'm still on a bit of a high from Sunday's Marathon. It was hard and my time was not what I wanted, but it was what I expected. The next marathon will be much better. I even thought about changing the half next month to a full.
But, then I found this stat. Now I'm thinking about giving the sport up. You see, I don't mind finishing behind a lot of runners. But, not this runner.
I compared my half marathon from last year with Javamom's half this year. Can you believe the results - Javamom 2008 vs. Pat 2oo7
Running Schedule:

January 26th: Run for the Islands 5k

February 17: Lost Dutchman Half Marathon

March 1: Ostrich Festival 5k
March 9: Valley of the Sun Half Marathon
March 29: Laughlin Half Marathon

Monday, January 14, 2008

My First Marathon - PF Chang's Arizona Rock and Roll Marathon

Mile 1236, Tempe, AZ - The plan was to get up, eat some oatmeal and get out the door by 6 am. I put out my gear the night before and the morning went smoothly. I planned to park south of the university and get on a shuttle at University and Rural. I figured it would be less crowded than were I got on last year. Last year I was in a shuttle line with over 300 other runners. This year, maybe 30 of us. I sat next to Jim. He was running his first half marathon. Jim graduated from ASU back in 1968, which puts him in his 60's somewhere. We got to talk about some early Phoenix history and a little bit about the race itself.

Guess who signed my race bib?

My son says my bib number is binary 20. I like it too. I even passed a building with the address 1010. I should have gotten a picture, but it was early in the race. You'll notice I took more pictures later when I was walking more. I used my Treo mobile phone for the pictures.

The Start and miles 1-5
It was 20 degrees warmer than last year. It felt great. I had my running gloves and my Air Force sweat shirt that I bought at Goodwill. I left it at a water station about 3 miles into the race. The first 5 miles heads north away from downtown. Lots of Team In Training runners with their state names on their backs. I saw and talked with a bunch of them from Wisconsin, NYC, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Utah and Iowa. I wish everyone had their state on their back. It's a great ice breaker. As we headed north, one fan had a sign that said, "I thought Obama was running?". I didn't think of it quickly enough, or my reply would have been, "He's running, he's right behind Hillary." The RnR marathon is full of bands and spirit squads. I tried to give high five's to all the spirit squads. They liked it and since my name was on my shirt and I got to hear their appreciation. "Way to go Pat" "You can do it Pat" "Pat, lookin' good". I didn't worry about finishing, pace or anything at this point, I was just enjoying.

Miles 6-11
We turned onto Missouri Avenue to head east. I was still feeling great. All my splits were under 12 minutes per mile for the first 10 miles. I was under 1 hour and 52 minutes at the 10 mile mark. My hope was to be under 2 hours. 8 minutes is huge and I knew I would need it for later in the race. We crossed over the freeway (51) and many of the cars driving under were honking. I probably heard two dozen horns and it was a short bridge.

And the bands played on. You don't get to hear a full song and you hope their not taking a break when you run past. But, it's a great boost to hear them. Even, if you don't like their style of music.

Near mile 8 you get to see Camelback Mountain for the first time. You know you have to run past it and you see it constantly for the next hour or so.

Miles 12-19
Right as I got to the 12 mile mark, Mike Aish of New Zealand crossed the finish line. He won the race, but I kept running. In my training runs I always started to slow down around mile 11 and today would be the same. After 10 miles of sub 11:55 miles or better, my next three miles were over 13 minutes each. If I was just running the half, I could concentrate on leg turnover and finish strong. With the full, I was just happy to be moving forward. We entered into Scottsdale and I started thinking about fellow bloggers. Katie and Moon running in the Disney marathon today. Irene and Darrell in California, Jeff and Dan on the east coast, Firefly and Runnergirl from last year's race, Cheryl & Emil, the newest runners. The Wisconsin Wimmers. Eric, Chad, Lisa, Karen from Arizona. And the gang I got to meet at the Saturday night dinner. You all inspire me when I read your blogs and it helps to think of you when I'm running.
At mile 14 the marathon course is within a half mile of the half marathoners. I wish I would have thought of this when I was running. But I reached mile 14 at 10:19 am. Karen, my running buddy was at mile 7.5 right around that time. I wouldn't be surprised if Lisa, Marcy and others were around there. Oh, so close. The good vibes would have helped. I heard another runner say she stopped in the medic tent to get some Tylenol. Why didn't I think of that. Right before mile 18, I saw the medic tent. I dropped in and asked for Tylenol. They asked me how I was doing and if it was for general pain. I overheard them telling a women that she couldn't leave the tent yet until she had some more salt water. I quickly said I was feeling great, just general soreness. They marked my bib and gave me my meds and I bolted out of there.
This is a picture of me bolting. I saw a young lady walking so I asked her how she was doing. She forgot her knee strap and her ankles were bothering her. I suggested the medic tent for Tylenol and that they might have a strap for her knee. You know those rubber things they tie around your arm for giving blood. Maybe one of those. I then asked her to snap a couple of pictures of me running. She did and then I'm not sure where she went. We were in downtown Scottsdale at this point.

Mils 20-25
I got a call from Amy that they would be right before mile 20. It was great to see my wife and kids, Tyler and Emily. We chatted for a bit and I got to fill my water bottle with Gatorade G2. I was putting NUUN in my water up to that time and I think I did a great job hydrating and keeping my electrolytes in check. I did stop sweating around the half way point. Salt was starting to cake on my face and clothes. My hat that was drenched in sweat for most of the run was drying out. The second have of the race, I used the water stops for pouring 3-4 cups of water on my hat and head. Each time I did I would think about the Chicago Marathon and running out of water. No chance at this race, it was very well stocked.
It was great to see my family. A big boost. I ran the next mile in 12:18, 2 minutes faster than any other mile in that part of the race. My family, the Tylenol and the DQ all must have contributed. I've gotten many blizzards at this DQ.

But, today I ran past it and two McDonald's. Yes, I counted. The second McDonald's I saw a runner come out of it.
I noticed a lot of folks walking once we were in the 20 plus mile range. I would run for .1 to .2 miles before I was walking again. In that time I would pass a dozen people or more. Some of them would leap frog me when I was walking, but a lot of them were walking to the finish. I talked with one guy about the TnT program for a few minutes. I saw another guy with a 50 States Marathon tee on. I learned that he has done all 50 states. Pretty impressive.

It was a flat course. a few minor rises. I can't remember any downhills. Except at the bridge. This is the rise, not bad except it was around mile 23. As you cross over the bridge you look west and you can see ASU and Sun Devil Stadium. It's 3 miles away and you know that's the finish. At this point my legs, knees, hips are hurting. I've run further than I've ever run and everyone around you is just marking on. It's quiet, not like the start when everyone's talking. Almost eerie. We all just kept moving forward. Some jogging, most walking. No one running.
The Final Mile
I held off thinking about my mom and dad until I got to the final mile. My parents are in their 70's and still doing pretty well. My dad worked a lot of years in the restaurant business. He managed everything from supper clubs to breakfast joints. Lots of long hours and back breaking work so that my sisters, brother and I could have a better life. He didn't get to spend as much time with us kids as I get to with mine. I realize that I'm a lot more fortunate that I even have the time to run and be with my wife and kids. Thanks for everything dad. My mom is going into the hospital today to remove her gall bladder. She doesn't seem to be worried about it, but I am. At a very early age my mom moved from her home in Japan to live in America with 2 babies and no one besides her husband and his family. She taught her kids to be good and work hard. Thanks mom and I pray all goes well today. Mile 25 started with a detour around a water main break. We ran through the Salt River Project compound.

Ran down University past a water station manned by pirates.

And then I get a call from Lisa and Karen, my running buddies with the Tumbleweed Running Club. Yeah, it's just the three of us. Lisa yells, "we see you." I hang up and take a picture. Then we run. Karen tries to keep up, but her legs were killing her. She wishes me well and falls back. Karen, thank you. That short run with you really did help. I really appreciate it. It means a lot. Lisa and I went further. She carried me all the way to the end of mile 26. Lisa, thank you. I'm sure the runners we passed were amazed that someone could be running after 5 1/2 hours. I didn't really realize we were running at that point. I said before that I was Charlie and they were angels. And today they both were.

Lisa told me good luck and quit running. Amy, Tyler and Emily were somewhere near the finish line. I ran past them, but didn't see them. What I did see was a shadow. Someone was trying to pass me at the finish. The crowd was cheering us on and damn if I was going to let someone pass me. I forgot about the 26 miles and it was down to a race of .2 miles. I ran harder than I did at any time that day. My best mile split was 10:25 during mile 2. I was running at a 8:17 pace at the end. I ended up passing two other people and not letting anyone pass me. Thanks for pushing me their at the end. I wish I would have turned around and gotten your race number.

The Conclusion
My official time is 5:51:34. I finished 5738th out of 6453. The first part of the race was a nice steady 10-12 minute pace miles. It was great. The middle miles were fine and I got to talk with a lot of fellow runners. The final miles were hard. I felt like I was running on a bed of nails and I had some toe issues. The medics at the finish asked if I was ok. I said I was, when actually I was fantastic. I was overwhelmed with emotion. A bit chocked up. I got my medal. I shook hands with a fellow runner that just finished his 5th Arizona RnR. I got my picture taken. Met up with my family and drove home.
Today I sit with sore legs and a happy feeling that I got my first marathon done. Time to start planning marathon number 2.
Thank you, everyone for supporting me.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Get It Done!

Like the sign in the picture said, my goal today was to "Get It Done" and that I did. It was an incredible day. A race report will follow very soon. The picture was around miles 5-7, I think.

The guy I volunteered to take my picture was a fan and he didn't notice the picture until I said something. I left with him and his buddy yelling, "Pat, Get It Done!"


Running Schedule:

January 26th: Run for the Islands 5k

February 17: Lost Dutchman Half Marathon

March 1: Ostrich Festival 5k
March 9: Valley of the Sun Half Marathon

March 29: Laughlin Half Marathon


Friday, January 11, 2008

The Last Run

Mile 1210, Scottsdale, AZ - today was the last run before the PF Chang's Marathon. I had to meet a client up in Scottsdale near the canal. So, I thought I could get a nice run in on some new territory. I parked at Granite Reef road where it dead ends with the canal. You can run southwest toward downtown Scottsdale and Camelback Mtn. or you can run east into the Salt River Indian Reservation. I did a bit of both. First east. You can run along the canal with no roads to cross for 10 miles, but I just went out about 1.5 miles and turned around. The picture below is of Camelback Mtn with the 202 freeway in front. Click on it to see the artistic touches made by the highway department. Camelback is Phoenix's signature mountain. It looks a bit like a camel lying down. The head is on the right with two humps behind it. You can also see the 'Praying Monk' on the head.
The picture below is a view of the canal heading east into the reservation. You can litterally run all the way to the mountains in the distance without much traffic at all.

I ran back to my SUV and then went another half mile west. All told, I got in a nice 4.2 mile run and hope I'm ready for my first marathon. The details are below.

Yesterday I drove by the finish line of the marathon. They were busy setting up tents and getting the signature horses from PF Chang's ready for the big day.

Bloggers: Sorry I haven't been around much. Work has been very busy and I got a marathon thing coming up. I will catch up soon.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Walk Across Arizona

We have 13 athletes participating in the Walk (Run) Across Arizona and we have room for 7 more. So, if you'd like to do a virtual walk or run across our state, get a tee shirt and compete against hundreds of other teams let me know.
We will also have a little competition with my team vs. my wifes team.
I got in a 2.25 mile run last nite. That's diffently taper mileage. I didn't wear my garmin and I have no ideal about any stats. I'm sure it was just under a half hour. Tomorrow will be my last run before the marathon and I'll get to meet a lot of bloggers and friends on Saturday when we meet for lunch at the expo and dinner at Macaroni Grill.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hockey Nite in the Desert

Mile 1203, Chandler, AZ -Last nite was hockey nite with my nephew John. He's a hockey fan-atic and has gone to 3 games here and another 6 games in California on his vacation. The Coyotes played the Ducks last night. It was a tie, but the coyotes won in a shoot out
The Coyotes Arena is in an entertainment complex in Glendale, AZ. The Cardinals Dome is next door and there's a bunch of bars, restaurants, theatres, etc. Here's a photo outside. Yes, it even rained last night.

Today, after Church I had to go to Kohl's with my family. Little did I know they were having an 80% off sale. I got 3 tech running shirts for $2 each and a tech pull over for $6. Twelve bucks. What a deal! I came home, did a little real estate and then put on one of my new black tech shirts, black compression shorts and grey shorts on top. I looked like a real runner. At least I thought I did. The confidence paid off in my running. I ran thru the new office park next to Desert Breeze. Nothing's open, but the streets are down, so I got to run without any traffic. I did see a jackrabbit. It was huge. I bet it had legs two feet long. I was running at an 11 minute pace, he was running at a 2 minute pace.

As I leave the commercial area, I get to run past Stellar Airpark. Stellar is a small airfield that has homes with hangars along the runway. The homeowners can fly in, taxi to their homes then park inside their personal hanger. Clikc on the picture below to see one of the homes.

My run went well. I did about 5.37 miles, running all but .23 miles at an 11 minute pace. I plan to do an easy 5 miler every other day this week. I'll take Friday and Saturday off and hopefully run a great first marathon on Sunday.


Running Schedule:

January 13th: Rock N Roll Full Marathon

January 26th: Run for the Islands 5k

February 17: Lost Dutchman Half Marathon

March 1: Ostrich Festival 5k
March 9: Valley of the Sun Half Marathon

March 29: Laughlin Half Marathon

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Secret Message

I have a message to Pokey, Javamom, Eric, Chad, k80k, Moon, diva, Papa Bear, Taryn, Tri-Dummy, Momo, Jumper, Eris2krat, Marcy and all the rest that are running a marathon on the 13th. It's in red below, a secret message.

Gtooond ,LDuicsknteoyeavnedrRyoocnkeNr ’uRnonlilnMgAIrnatthheoHnosu!s

You all know the story of the person that has a bucket and 3 large rocks, 5 smaller rocks and lots of gravel. They have to get all the rocks and gravel in the bucket. When they put the gravel in first, they can't get the large rocks in. Finally, they figure out that they have to put in the large rocks, then the smaller rocks and then pour the gravel in last.

Cheryl up in Maine is having a tough time getting her workouts in and I thought of this story. Our workouts are the large rocks in life. If we don't fit them in first, everything else in life will fill our bucket and the workouts will be left out. We all have this issue from time to time. I told Cheryl to get a bit selfish and make the workouts an 'A' priority. When workouts take priority over family, work, eating, sleeping and even vacations, I find that those things become better anyway. I have better relationships with my family, I am a better worker at work, I eat, sleep and feel better when I do my workouts. Give Cheryl some support at her blog and try making your workouts an 'A' priority. Your family will love you for it and you'll love it too. Funny how that works. Take care of yourself and everyone around you will be better off.

Try the rocks and bucket trick. Get a bucket. Fill it half way up with gravel or small rocks or sand. Then get 5 bigger rocks that fill up about half of the remaining bucket space. Then get three large rocks that could fit in the bucket by themselves, but not on top of the grave. Take it all out and put the rocks in largest to smallest. Make it work and then let your kids try the experiment.

Did you figure out the message yet? Keep trying.

Oh yeah, I can beat up 23 five year olds at once. You'll have to go to Obrats blog to see how many you can beat up.

OK. I gotta run. No literally, I have to go for a run.
Mile 1198, Chandler, AZ -Yesterday I got to golf with my nephew John Lachmann. He's out visiting Arizona and southern California and watching a lot of hockey. It's the second time I've golfed in the past 12 months. The other time was with my dad and John's dad, Bob.

Tonight John and I are going to see the Coyotes play the Mighty Ducks on the frozen pond. Are they still mighty? Anyway, I did get in a run this afternoon. 4.08 miles in about 45 minutes. You can see the details on the graph below. However, what it doesn't tell you is that I did about a half mile before I realized that garmin was on.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Anything for a T-Shirt

Have you read this book before? If you ever thought about running the NYC Marathon and wanted to know more about it and it's founder, you'll love reading it. Fred LeBow was crazy about running and wanted the NYC Marathon to be the greatest. He ran in it when it was just a small race with 50 runners in the Bronx and then moved it to Central Park and later ran it as it spanned the 5 boroughs.

You may know that I have a blog that reviews running books. I haven't added to it in awhile and I am thinking of doing something different. I'm playing with the Amazon associates program that allows people to buy the books I review or have read. My plan is to give a review as I read each book and then have a link for anyone that is interested. Of course, you would be able to click on the book review label and see all my reviews. I would only review books that I have read recently. Also, if anyone would like to add a review on a running book, I would post it and give you the proper credit. If you don't know about the Amazon Associates program, you should check it out.

And here's another book I just finished reading. My BIL and SIL sent it to me for my birthday. This author, A.J. Jacobs decided to live one year following the Bible's laws and rules. Funny thing is, he's agnostic. Didn't really go to church or synagogue growing up. He has many relatives that are Jewish, so that's the faith he's most familiar with. Not a book I would have picked out for myself, but glad I read it. It would have been better if he co-wrote it with his wife. I think the year was harder on her, than it was on him.

The Year of Living Biblically

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Walk Across Arizona

Mile 1194, Chandler, AZ - I got in a nice slow 3 miler today. That's after putting away all the Christmas and Holiday stuff. You could call it a brick, but since I'm not a triathlete, I'll just say it's cross training.

The 3 miler went well. All the splits were below 11 minutes and I ran it all. I bought the new G2 from gatorade. Taste great and less filling. Only half the calories. I like it. Don't forget to read below. It's a great chance to get an Arizona tee.

Happy New Year!

Who wants to walk across Arizona with me? It's about 410 miles from the Mexican border, past the Grand Canyon and onto Utah. The walk or run starts on January 26th and it only cost $10 to participate. The money goes to the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension and you get a T shirt, pedometer and maybe a prize.

I need a team of 5-10 athletes. You can do any amount of mileage over a 16 week period. You can walk or run.

Now, here's the best part. You don't have to come to Arizona. You can do your miles anywhere with anyone or by yourself. And you'll get a cool "Walk Across Arizona" tee. I'm thinking we'll be the BlogWalkRun Team. So, whether you plan to walk, run or treadmill the first part of 2008, this will be a great way to do it.

Sign up by leaving a comment with contact info.


Running Schedule:

January 13th: Rock N Roll Full Marathon

January 26th: Run for the Islands 5k

February 17: Lost Dutchman Half Marathon

March 1: Ostrich Festival 5k
March 9: Valley of the Sun Half Marathon

March 29: Laughlin Half Marathon