Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Walk Across Arizona reaches Tubac

About 20 miles north of the border is the town of Tubac.
Many of us are around here in our Walk Across Arizona.
I figure as we head north, I'll give you a tour of our state.
The actual information will be on my sister blog -
Tubac is an artist colony and one worth visiting
if you are ever in the southern part of Arizona.

Congratulations on reaching Tubac, now on
to Tucson, the home of the University of Arizona.

My Run

Mile 1263, Chandler, AZ - I did another 1 hour run. I got to 4.99 miles. It killed me that I wasn't over 5. Last night I tried the 'downward dog' yoga pose. I thought I could do it forever, but it gets hard to do after awhile too. You can last longer than when you are doing a 'plank', but after a minute you start to feel the burn.


Non-Runner Nancy said...

Love Tubac and Tucson. You are doing great!!

Marathoner in Training said...

Thanks for the update, on AZ

TNTcoach Ken said...

I love Tupac! I think rap music would be different if he was alive today.

Cheryl said...

Oh boy! A guided tour as we walk/run/bike/swim across Arizona! Thanks, Pat. And now you're into yoga, too? How do you fit it all in?

J~Mom said...

Never been there!