Friday, January 11, 2008

The Last Run

Mile 1210, Scottsdale, AZ - today was the last run before the PF Chang's Marathon. I had to meet a client up in Scottsdale near the canal. So, I thought I could get a nice run in on some new territory. I parked at Granite Reef road where it dead ends with the canal. You can run southwest toward downtown Scottsdale and Camelback Mtn. or you can run east into the Salt River Indian Reservation. I did a bit of both. First east. You can run along the canal with no roads to cross for 10 miles, but I just went out about 1.5 miles and turned around. The picture below is of Camelback Mtn with the 202 freeway in front. Click on it to see the artistic touches made by the highway department. Camelback is Phoenix's signature mountain. It looks a bit like a camel lying down. The head is on the right with two humps behind it. You can also see the 'Praying Monk' on the head.
The picture below is a view of the canal heading east into the reservation. You can litterally run all the way to the mountains in the distance without much traffic at all.

I ran back to my SUV and then went another half mile west. All told, I got in a nice 4.2 mile run and hope I'm ready for my first marathon. The details are below.

Yesterday I drove by the finish line of the marathon. They were busy setting up tents and getting the signature horses from PF Chang's ready for the big day.

Bloggers: Sorry I haven't been around much. Work has been very busy and I got a marathon thing coming up. I will catch up soon.


Marathoner in Training said...

Good final run before the big day. I also went by the finish line yesturday. The Marathon is getting an last minute modification to the route. There was a water main (36")break at the intersection of McClintock and University.

Darrell said...

Have a great first marathon.

I like how you've been starting each post with your total mileage. Next up Mile 1236.2!!!

Reid said...

Good luck, Pat! I can't wait to read your race report!

Jeff said...

Pat, you most definitely are ready. Just enjoy, my friend, and you will do great.

Cheryl said...

Giant horses and multitudes of port-o-potties... Looks like it's gonna be fun!

Great last run before the marathon, Pat. I always enjoy your pictures and maps. Good luck this weekend and have a great run!

Firefly's Running said...

Congrads on getting your last run in.

Good luck tommorow. I wish I was there...again. You will do great!

Amy@RunnersLounge said...

Thanks for the pictures Pat! Good luck and enjoy your run!

Irene said...




(Can you hear me from over here?)

Non-Runner Nancy said...

WAY TO ROCK THAT MARATHON!!!! Just saw your results. Congrats, Pat. I'm so excited for you. Hope it was a great experience. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Car Rentals said...

Wow, i can't wait to head up there myself. Beautiful country and landscape.