Thursday, January 03, 2008

Anything for a T-Shirt

Have you read this book before? If you ever thought about running the NYC Marathon and wanted to know more about it and it's founder, you'll love reading it. Fred LeBow was crazy about running and wanted the NYC Marathon to be the greatest. He ran in it when it was just a small race with 50 runners in the Bronx and then moved it to Central Park and later ran it as it spanned the 5 boroughs.

You may know that I have a blog that reviews running books. I haven't added to it in awhile and I am thinking of doing something different. I'm playing with the Amazon associates program that allows people to buy the books I review or have read. My plan is to give a review as I read each book and then have a link for anyone that is interested. Of course, you would be able to click on the book review label and see all my reviews. I would only review books that I have read recently. Also, if anyone would like to add a review on a running book, I would post it and give you the proper credit. If you don't know about the Amazon Associates program, you should check it out.

And here's another book I just finished reading. My BIL and SIL sent it to me for my birthday. This author, A.J. Jacobs decided to live one year following the Bible's laws and rules. Funny thing is, he's agnostic. Didn't really go to church or synagogue growing up. He has many relatives that are Jewish, so that's the faith he's most familiar with. Not a book I would have picked out for myself, but glad I read it. It would have been better if he co-wrote it with his wife. I think the year was harder on her, than it was on him.

The Year of Living Biblically


J-Wim said...

And now for a word from our sponsors..... ;-)

Marathoner in Training said...

You are the sales man, I will have to keep up on your reviews.

Cheryl said...

Those both sound like interesting books. I love to read, so will have to check them out!

J~mom said...

They both look like great books!

Jeff said...

I saw an interview with the religion guy -- was pretty interesting -- I'll have to check them out too. (Sorry, no associate payback for the library.)