Monday, June 15, 2009

DNS at the Summer Series #2

My wife said I was groaning in my sleep Sunday morning when I should have been out running a 5k race. My ankle was bothering me and I posted my second DNS (Did Not Start) of the year.

Before that, I had a 9 mile long run planned for this weekend. I was going to run it on Saturday. My ankle was bugging me before I even got suited up. After about 1/2 mile I knew I wasn't going to run any where near 9 miles. I ended up walking most of 3 miles with an occasional short jog every now and again.

Before that, I had a softball game on Friday night. My ankle was fine. No issues during the game.

So, how did I come up with an ankle that wouldn't allow me to walk, let alone run a 5k?

I blame my wife, Amy. She put on new sheets. When she does this, my poor feet have no room to roam and they get squished in an awkward position. It's kind of like waking up with a stiff neck. So, I'm a bit behind in my training. But, my ankle feels good today. I'll give it one more day of rest and then go out for a test run tomorrow.

Lesson learned? Fix the damn sheets if they bug you before you go to bed.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Chasing Jackrabbits

Tonight I was scheduled for 8 miles. I ran around 8 pm in wonderful weather. High 70's. I ran over to Desert Breeze Lake and did loops around the park. A full moon and lots of families finishing picnics, as well as, the cricket players playing under the lights made for a fun run. But the best part came around mile 5. As I turned the corner I spotted about a dozen jackrabbits. Half ran one way, half into the field. So, the race was on. I took off after one rabbit. They are fast. I was between him and home, so he ran south. I tried to keep between him and the goal. After about 10 yards he got enough distance to cut the corner and make it back to his home. They are beautiful animals to watch run.

I made it back home. Switched to my swim shorts and jumped in the pool. Did some laps and pretended to be a tri athlete. After swallowing pool water and Amy opening the door to ask if I was ok, I got out.

This was my first long run for marathon training. 8 miles this week. 9 next week. Legs feel good.