Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A message on RunningAhead

I got a message on RunningAhead. I didn't even know you could leave messages. Here it is:

hi meepmeep!
have you been running much?
okay, i admit, i haven'tbeen running much, and the farthest i can run is 0.625 mile.
how are u doing?
i am fine. since you probbaly have more expirience running then i do, can you tell me about it?
i mean like what do you do before and after you run?
like that stuff. thanks!ha ha the smiley faces.
not to be rude, butyou don't have to answer the questions. i just wantto get to know you more.
1. well first, are you a boy or a girl.
2. what is your favorite hobby?
3. and uh,when you run, do you have to eat certain things?
well first,
1. i am a girl,
2. my most favorite hobby is ice skating,
3. and uh, i am no.

After I reply, if you don't hear from me for for awhile you can send me mail to:

Florence Correctional Facility
Cell 1002
Florence, AZ

Fortunately, I have friends in there (Nick).


desert trail runner said...

Friends that WORK there Pat... lol

Adam said...

Between that and all of the dirty website spam I've been getting, I think the internet must be full of weirdos!

Irene said...

A zillion years ago, in the dark ages when we still used pen, paper, stamps and the US mail, I did a pen-pal project in high school. Somehow I ended up getting letters from inmates at some prison. It was a wee bit creepy.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Did I say .06 miles? I meant to say 60.25 miles, my bad!

My Life and Running said...

Sketchy. This "ice-skater-girl" knows your running routes?