Thursday, January 21, 2010

Arizona Vs. Michigan - The 1000 Mile Challenge

Week Three is in the books. With the help of four team members running in this weeks PF Chang's Rock N Roll Marathon and Half Marathon, Team AZ has taken the lead.

Team Michigan
(week 3, name, YTD)

17.4 Ken Davenport 49.6

13.2 Jenn Warstler 19.37

7.15 Pam Shorkey 21.25

10.7 Carol Feldmann 25.5

30.25 David Potter 88.75

Week 3: 78.7 YTD: 204.47

Team AZ

14.8 Pat M 30.2

39.3 Rio 99.3

2 Nick 2

41.2 Adam 67.2

33.5 Susie 49.5

Week 3: 130.8 YTD: 248.2

Team Arizona now has a 44 mile lead over the High Five State. Adam lead the way this week with41.2 miles and a blistering 3:44 marathon.

Here's how we did on Sunday (click on stats to enlarge):

Susan Markosian

Adam Ricklefs

Pat Monahan

Demi Rio


Anonymous said...

Way to go Team AZ! Congratulations PF Chang Rock-n-Rollers!

Adam said...

Man, without a marathon on the weekend, I'm really going to have to pick it up on the week to keep our lead! The solution? Find a marathon to run this weekend.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Remember, this isn't a sprint! Where have I heard that before????

Alissa said...

Yay for Team AZ! No offense but those Michigan people are slow!... or wait I meant when they drive. :)