Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pat's Run

The first of two Pat's Runs take place at Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ. The school that Pat Tillman played his collegiate football. Next week there will be another Pat's Run in San Jose, Pat's hometown.
This was the fifth annual run that started soon after Pat Tillman, an American hero, died in Afghanistan fighting for America. Just in case you may not know, Pat played professional football for the Arizona Cardinals. When he was offered a new contract, he passed and joined the military. Today we celebrate Pat Tillman and raised funds for his foundation.

The race featured 20,000+ runners and walkers running from the parking lot of ASU's Sun Devil Stadium north across the Mill Avenue bridge and through Papago Park along Curry Road. As you head south down Scottsdale Road you loop around the athletic fields and up into Sun Devil Stadium. It's 4.2 miles and you finish high fiving ASU football players on the 42 yard line. Yes, you get to finish on the field and you're not rushed off. You can stretch on the grass after your run. Plenty of seating in the stands to watch your fellow runners come in.

Why 42? It was Pat Tillman's number when he was a defensive hero for the Sun Devils. This race is unique, in that 70% of the participants wear the technical shirt you get with your registration. Families will also love the play area for kids and the festival where you can get something to eat, drink or even a message.

Look to your right around the half way point and you'll see the stadium. The finish line looms big just a few miles away.

Football fields are marked every 10 yards, but at ASU, the 42 yard line is also marked so that we can always remember Pat Tillman. If you'd like to learn more about Pat click on his name.

As for my race? I planned to run 9 minute miles, or closed to it. Finish under 40 minutes and stop for just a few pics. My splits came in at 9.08, 9.33, 9.33 and 10.41. Not sure what happened at the end. But, I finished with a 9.11 for the last .2 miles entering the stadium. Final time: 40.09. It was a crowded race, but not so much to slow me down. I did a little weaving, but I was able to run the tangents without much interference. After the race, I went back to the stadium entrance and ran back in to take some pictures. Here's where you can find more pictures.

Race stats and map


Adam said...

This race WILL be on my schedule next year. I'll take any race that you finish in a stadium.

You had a really good run - just bearly missing 40. There is always next year, right? Did it seem like a good run?

Pat said...

Adam, I get a little distracted in the middle of races. I was real happy with my pace, the fourth mile not so much. I have to figure a strategy for those times.

Irene said...

Those are fantastic splits!

What a wonderful race to participate in.

SuperDave said...

That is so cool!
You have all the fun.
So I can see that you pulled Adam to the super state with ya - not fair I say, not fair!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a nice race.

How's the EOD run/walking going?

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Great job at the race, Pat.

CurrentlyVince said...

Love the report and pics! And I'd definitely wear a souvenir tech shirt during the race. I'm doing that at Rodeo Run and wish it was done at more races.

Adam said...

Awesome, your second pic is me and my group of friends hanging out waiting for the run!

Alex C said...

Yeah i'm in the second pic as well (I'm wearing the headband). It was a great race, my first ever. Definitely doing it again next year!!!

Michael C said...

Thats me in the second picture, the guy streching his arm back. That run was awsome man!!!