Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Biggest Loser Final

What a great final. Contestants lost from 30-50% of their body weight and many of them looked absolutely fabulous. The twins took home all the money. Jim, who was eliminated early, lost over 51% of his weight and took home $100,000. His twin brother, Bill was the last man standing and lost 49.1% of his body weight. He won $250,000.

Because Bill lasted to the end, I ended up winning the Biggest Loser Fantasy League. Here's the standings:

320 Pat's Pounders - Bill,Isabeau Amy, Phil
312 Bob's Waddlers - Neil,Isabeau Kae, Phil
311 Jeff's Former Fatties - Neil,Isabeau Jez, Amy

286 Marcy's Meatrolls - Neil,Hollie Kae, Jerry
267 Hunter's Hopeful's (Margie) -Hollie, Bryan, Ryan, Amy

266 Wim-sical - Isabeau, Bill, Leylye,Jim

250 Dan's Eliminating the Excess - Hollie, Phil, Amy, Ryan
248 Tiggers Hate Honey - Isabeau,Nicole David, Jez
209 Katie's FIRMin8ors - Julie Ryan, Phil, Patty

205Ken's Weight and See - Isabeau,Bryan, Phil, Lezlye
188 Chubikins (Runnergirl) - Ryan,Kae,James,Amy
149 Pokey's Potbellies - Nicole David, Amy

Thank you to all that played. It was the first ever fantasy league for Biggest Loser and it was learning on the fly. I'd love your feedback on how you would change the competition for next year. I think the final four getting so many months to lose more weight kind of gave me an unexpected advantage. Hat's off to Bob and Jeff. There teams did fabulous and they picked great players.

The Greatest Running Shirt Ever

What did I find on my front porch, but a "Tumbleweed Running Club" T-Shirt. You may know that several of us run on Saturdays here in Chandler, AZ. Lisa or Javamom, as many of you know her by, was kind enough to make us, club shirts. What a wonderful Christmas present from a great lad



Emil Von Runner said...

Congratulations on the win Pat! I knew they had a bunch of time there at the end. Anyway you still have to post an address so I can ship you your prize.

J~mom said...

I hope you like it, Pat. Clearly it had nothing to do with Christmas but I was excited to get the shirts to you and Karen. I have a Large as well if that one is too big. Let me know. Then we have white ones for any of our future members. Of course they have to pay for theirs as well as their membership dues. :>P

Have a great week and Merry Christmas!

Pokey said...

Aren't those just the best shirts? Lisa is DA BOMB!!! I soooo wanted to post a picture, but didnt want to ruin your surprise. But now,I can steal your pic :)

I actually watched the Biggest Loser last night for the first time all season, and yes....those folks were AMAZING! After such big accomplishments, it seems whiney of me to complain about trying to drop 20 pounds.

Pat said...

emil, it was fun to play. thanks for the congrats. you don't have to send me anything, but it you want to, you can send it to my office. The address is on the side bar. Just click on either of the real estate links.

Cheryl said...

That was a great finale. The twins looked fantastic! And how about that Julie? She looked fabulous! Almost unrecognizable compared to her former self.

Anyhoo.... Cool shirt!

Marathoner in Training said...

Thanks Pat for putting on the BL Competition. However I have not watched the final episod yet, so you ruined the ending. Maybe the ending that I tivoed is different? The shirts are great.

Jeff said...

Congrats, Pat. You ARE the biggest loser!

It was a lot of fun to play along.

I would tweak it a bit by maybe giving everyone some credit for home weight loss -- would keep a lot more people in the mix and leave the final outcome a mystery. Maybe 75% credit for weight lost at home?

Are you guys taking orders for the shirts or what?