Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lost in the Dark Rainy Nite

Mile 1124, Mesa, AZ -My wife had a quilt guild Holiday party and my daughter had a youth group meeting at church. I had to get some running in. It was overcast and colddddd. About 47 degrees.

So, time to tape Biggest Loser, take my daughter to her meeting and run in Dobson Ranch. I told my daughter to call me if the meeting was going to finish early. I figured I had about an hour to get a good run in. I headed south along the lake and around two miles I decided to start heading back, but I was going to go a new route. One I knew.

Then I got the call. My daughter telling me the meeting was over. I told her I was a mile and a half away and I would be there shortly. I gave her my car keys before I left, just in case this happened. She's 14. I figured she could wait in the car. Listen to tunes. She got in and got bored. Made shadow puppets on the car ceiling. Read the owners manual and used it to make up celebrity kid names (I'm not sure either). Then tried to turn the radio on, which set off the security system. She had to get the youth leader to help her turn it off. The youth leader was still surprised that Emily was there. She waited with Emily.

Back on the run, I decided to take a short cut. This isn't good when there's a lake in the way. If you look at the map, you'll see in the circle the loop I took that didn't get me anywhere. I started near Guadalupe Road and then ended up back there when I thought I was a mile north. I called Emily to say it would be a bit longer. I had my Treo that has mapping software in it. I used it a bit, but it's not real clear and the lake got in the way. And it started raining. It's amazing how I can be on a major road that I've driven on a million times and not know north from south. I was confused and wanted to get back to the church. I guess I should have said a prayer at this time, but being a guy I didn't want to ask for directions, not even from him. I got pretty disoriented, but I knew that Guadalupe ran west/east and if I ran one way I would either get to Dobson or the 101 and then I could go north. But, I wanted to find the short way, not the easy way.

As you can see it took me over 5 miles to get back and over an hour anyway. If Emily didn't call me I would have gotten back around the same time anyway. Oh well. It was a good run and made a little more exciting because I was worried that I was keeping Becky, the youth leader there waiting for me. I knew she wouldn't leave Emily alone. I thought about calling my wife. I knew her party was ending around the same time and she could go over and wait with Emily. I found out when we got home, that Amy's party was in Dobson Ranch and I ran right past it.


I finally got home and Emily had a good time telling her mom about her adventures with my Honda Pilot. I then got to watch the Biggest Loser. I really am getting into this show. I like all the contestants.


So here's what we know. Isabeau, Bill, Hollie and Julie (all Black team members) are in the finals. I have Isabeau and Bill on my fantasy team. Neil is gone. Which hurts the fantasy teams lead by Bob and Jeff. Bob has a 26 pound lead on me and I'm the only one that can catch him. We both have Isabeau, so she's cancelled out. I have Bill and Bob doesn't have anyone else. The finals are next week, but I believe there's a four week spread between this weeks weigh in and next weeks. It was taped up until next week. The four finalists had to go home and lose weight on their own for the final four weeks. Then they weigh in. If Bill can lose 6.5 pounds per week, which would get him down to 178, then Bob and my fantasy teams would tie. If Bill loses more, I win. If he loses less, Bob wins.


Can Bill lose the 26 pounds? Make your predictions here.


Now, who's going to be the Biggest Loser on the show? So far Isabeau and Hollie have lost 24% of there body weight. Bill has lost 36%. Julie has lost 23%. I think Bill has a pretty good shot at it.


Now Neil being eliminated this week is a blessing in disguise for him. The eliminated player who has lost the most weight gets $100,000. Neil has a great shot at that. If he was in the final four, hew would have been behind Bill at 32% of body weight lost.


So, I predict that Bill will win the Biggest Loser prize of $250,000 and Neil will edge out Kae to win the $100,000.

Running Schedule:

January 13th: Rock N Roll Full Marathon
January 26th: Run for the Islands 5k
February 17: Lost Dutchman Half Marathon
March 1: Ostrich Festival 5k
March 9: Valley of the Sun Half Marathon

March 29: Laughlin Half Marathon


Emil Von Runner said...

I was all set last night to comment on your entry and tell you that I had all ready picked up a little local item and since I was going to win the contest I wanted to send it to you for hosting the league, but now it certainly appears that I should send it to you because you are going to win! I agree that Bill and Neil will probably win the cash prizes. In past seasons I thought that the final contestants were sent home for 2-3 months or 8-10 weeks, I'm not certain though. Anyway if you post an address I will send you your prize.

The One and Only Tigger said...

That sounds like a fun run, not really. I am a fair weather runner and now am doing it during the lunch hour. Sorry you got lost. Glad everyone is well. I was looking at the Biggest Looser Web Site around 2pm yesturday and a picture of Neil departing the vote out room was posted for about 10 seconds. So I assumed that he was gone. I have not watched the show yet, I got it tivoed.
Best of luck with your standing in the fantasy league.

J~mom said...

You really had me worried there for a minute! Glad you found your way back safe and sound! You silly!

Pat said...

Emil, I still think my team is a long shot. I think you're gonna win it. For Bill to get down to 178 is pretty tough.

TNTcoach Ken said...

I’m thinking Julie, just because she’s got a competitor’s heart. I also think that the black team being in the final four speaks volumes about Jillian. I love that woman!

Pokey said...

Apparently we need to have a GPS locator feature to your Garmin!!! Then Amy can track you when you get yourself lost! :P

Pat said...

the garmin does have a feature so that you can backtrack, but it doesn't show you a map, just the line that you took. I tried to take a short cut. I looked at the lake and knew I had to be on the other side. The lake was maybe 30 yards wide at that point and for a moment I thought about swimming across.

Cheryl said...

You are such a GUY! Not even willing to ask for directions from the Man Upstairs! Hilarious. Sorry you got lost. I would have been scared silly to be lost running in the rain at night. Leave it to a man to have to find the shortcut even when lost! hee

I think you're right about Biggest Loser -- winner will most likely be Bill and winner of the sent home people probably Neil. But I'm rooting for Kae anyway. :-)