Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hoover Dam Marathon and Half

I just found out about this race. It's run at the Hoover Dam from a campground and beach on Lake Mead in Nevada. This is the first year and I got to do it.

Who wants to camp out with me? Run either the half or full on Saturday, October 31st and then go kayaking on Lake Mead on Sunday?

Learn more about the Hoover Dam Marathon.

Tonight I'm going to run 15 miles. It'll be my last long run before the Twin Cities Marathon. I'm hoping I can do it at a 12 minute pace. If I do that and I feel good after, it will let me know what I'm capable of come the big race in Minnesota.

I have a top secret strategy that I used the last two times I ran. The 7 miler on Tuesday was a breeze. I could have easily run further. I felt so good that I'm now thinking 20 miles or more up in Minneapolis.

RIP GARMIN FORERUNNER 305: I ordered my new 305 yesterday. The old one just won't start anymore.


lifestudent said...

I need a nice, cushy bed the night before a race ... not some dirt and a tent ;)

Adam said...

Gosh, based on 'current events', this might just be an option!!!!

I'll keep you posted.