Wednesday, November 25, 2009

3 Years of Weight Loss

My graph

Started this journey back in June of 2006 weighing close to 260. December of 2008 was my low point at 210. The summer weather and minor injuries have resulted in weight gains all three summers.

The plan for 2010 is to get under 200. Today's weight is 228. I have 13 months to reach this goal. 2.15 lbs. per month.

Cardio: 1000 miles run.

Hiking: 1 major hike per month.

Races: 1 race per month.

Cross Training: 2x week. Resistance training.

Fuel: Calories at 14000 per week (2000/day).

Burn 3500 per week. About a 7000 calorie deficit.

Reduce fats, keep carbs and proteins almost the same.

More salads, vegetables and fruits in diet.

Race Schedule:

PF Chang's Rock N Roll Marathon

Lost Dutchman Marathon

St. Patty's Run

Pat's Run

ARR Summer Series

Sabino Canyon Run

Jerome Hill Climb

Hike Schedule:

Rim to River -Grand Canyon

Summit - Mt. Humphreys

Summit - Flat Iron Superstitions

Summit - North Mtn.

Summit - Shaw Butte

Summit - South Mtn.

Summit - Picacho Peak.


TNTcoach Ken said...

Wow, that looks like my stick portfolio........ Keep up the great work.

lifestudent said...

Its been an amazing journey so far and one that will continue. Congrats on your accomplishments and good luck on your plan for action. Sounds like you are on a mission...

Adam said...

Getting caught up.... Can't wait to hear about the progress - and the pictures from the top of the peaks.

Looking forward to getting with you for at least SOME of those races! :) I've got RnRAZ, Pats run, and at least some of the Summer series on my list as well!