Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Wind Cave at Pass Mountain

The last two years I ran in the Mesa Turkey Trot. This year, my kids and I decided to finally hike up to the Wind Cave on Pass Mountain in Usery Recreation Area.
That's Emily and Tyler in front of Pass Mountain. The cave is just below the summit to the right, almost above Tyler's left shoulder in this picture.
There's the cave. Tyler and Emily resting in the center of the picture. It's about 2800 feet above sea level and about 700 feet above car level (parking lot).

You can see Tyler was yawning. He was having a bout of hiccups the entire hike down.

Wind Cave is about 300 feet below the summit of Pass Mountain and there is no trail to the top. But, there is lots of boulders and I'm sure many more experience hikers go to the top. We saved that for another day. Amy spent the morning baking pumpkin pie. We rushed back home to help Amy with the rest of the dinner prep (ok-I'm blogging, but I think the kids are helping).

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Adam said...

Looked like a blast! My bro in law is really into hiking so I think that I'm going to get in on a lot of it this winter. Let me know if you're going to go on any closer hikes the two weeks around xmas. (I'll be off)

Hopefully your son didn't go too bonkers w/ the hiccups. I get 'cranky' when I get those.

I seriously laughed out loud at your last sentence :)