Thursday, March 06, 2008

Walk Across Arizona

A sign I saw on my run yesterday. Why did they bury them?

We march northward toward Phoenix. Many of us are over 100 miles, others are closely behind. I'm having some leg issues and time issues, so my mileage isn't what I want it to be. I hope you all are doing well.
Eric leads my team with 160 miles followed closely by Jeff. Both these men have wonderful blogs about their running. Click on their names to read more about Eric and Jeff. Eric just finished the Rangar Del Sol Team race and his last entry is about that race. Jeff just finished his first half marathon. Read about it on his blog.

Robbie leads Amy's team with 123 miles. Robbie lives in St. Louis, so many of her miles are probably in the cold. Pretty impressive to get that mileage in up north. Robbie and Amy used to work together at Famous Barr, a May Department store that is no longer.

Miles 1310, Chandler, AZ - I got in a 6 miler last night and a 3.1 miler the day before. Two days ago, I ran on part of the canal I had never run on before. South past the new Mesa Riverview shopping center, up to the Mesa Country Club, where I had to turn around. Then on the north end of the shopping center past Bass Pro Shops. If you haven't been in a Bass Pro Shop, it's worth it. Even if you are not a fishermen or hunter.
Then yesterday I ran around my neighborhood to the lake and back. It was slow and my lower abdomen hurt. It's my newest hurt, but I think it's getting better. The good news is I just passed 13oo miles for my career. Tonight I'll add some more as I go to run and work out at the Tumbleweed Recreation Center.


Cheryl said...

That's a very odd sign. Why, indeed?!

Good job on the miles, Pat. Over 1300, that's amazing! Hope you get over your leg and tummy troubles soon. Thanks for the update on the Walk Across Arizona.

J~Mom said...

Thanks for taking care of the miles for us, Pat! 1300 miles is amazing!!! Way to go!!!!!

Irene said...

Just stopping by to say hello, and nice job with the "Walk Across Arizona." After reading this post, I feel so way behind!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Jeff said...

If they're buried, why do you need to watch out for them???

Congrats on the milestone, Pat.

Christopher from said...

Hang on, how many miles??!! Well, that is pretty amazing. I'm training to run a paltry 26 lol. Anyways, good luck!

scott keeps running said...

funny sign. those are lots of miles everyone's putting up. keep it going!