Friday, March 21, 2008

Walk Across Arizona

Congratulations, we are almost to the half way point and everyone is doing great. Amy's team has 880 miles todate. Katie B is leading the way with 160.8 miles and Robbie and Taryn are close behind.
Pat's team has 940.2 miles and Jeff out in Baltimore is leading with 237.4 miles. Katie R. is close behind with 205.8 miles.
You'll notice not everyone has mileage up to week 7, if I missed some of your mileage please let me know. As teams, both groups have made it from the Mexican border to Utah and back already. Some of you that are in the two hundreds, better bundle up. There's snow in northern Arizona.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a Happy Easter!


Renae said...

wk 7: 23

Irene said...

Have a Happy Easter Weekend, Pat!

Roland J Young said...

Good on you mate.... keep it up, this Easter weekend if the first competitive face for me since we met in Vegas.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Nice job to everyone. Happy Easter!

J~Mom said...

I need to go back and calculate my mileage..sorry about that!

Jeff said...

Thanks, Pat!

That Java, she's been way too busy celebrating her birthday. She's gonna have a huge week for last week.

Happy Easter to you.