Friday, November 14, 2008

11 Miles of sore feet

The first 7 miles were good miles. I ran down the canal with Karen, Candace and Kristina. My new Nike's protecting my tender feet. But, the last 4 miles my left heel started hurting and my tank was running on empty. I forgot to bring any GU's. Kristina gave me some chocolate covered coffee beans and they tasted good. The last mile I just limped on home like a nascar crossing the finish line on empty.

But, I got my minimum of 11 miles and I ended up running about 82% of the time.

On Friday, I drove by a bunch of crazy women decked out in pink, wearing funny hats and having a blast walking 20 miles a day for three straight days. Seems like every year I happen by these gals and I usually stop and cheer. Learn more about it.

Have you read the book, "50/50" by Dean Karnazes? Here's your chance to read it for the price of postage on Ted's Running Journal.

Just finished "Bowerman and the Men of Oregon" by Kenny Moore. It's a great biography about Bill Bowerman, the legendary coach at the University of Oregon and cofounder of Nike. Just a quiwincidence, coincidence (something like that) that I bought my first pair of Nikes at the same time. They were even part of the Bowerman Series of shoes. I'd loan it to you, but I got it from the Chandler Library. The book, not the shoes.


Richard Hefner said...

Glad to see you stuck with it through those last four miles! Today's my first attempt at 11 miles. I almost decided not to try it after limping around for most of the week after my 10-miler last Sunday but I figure I'll slow it down this week and see how the knees hold out.

Viv said...

Way to keep going on that run, and no nutrtion with you yousers! So, are the shoes not that awesome for longer distances or is it just past foot probs??
Yes, I am the only person who posts commetns with ??'s.

Greg said...

Wait a minute - is your 5th mile flipping me off? Sad that you forgot your GU, but you had some good backup there. Glad you made it through ok. Also glad you found the split chart. :)

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

I'm going to have to pick up the Bowerman book. I've heard good things about it. I have read 50/50 and it was really good.

J~Mom said...

Great long run!!