Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Day at the Gym

I never go to the gym. But today I did. I'm trying to give my foot a rest to see if the pain (tendonitis, I think) will subside. I went and paid my $4 to the city of Chandler and tried out the Elliptical machines. There's two different kinds. One that goes straight up and down and is like climbing stairs, but not the stairstepper and one that goes in more of a running motion.

I got on the harder one first and after 15 minutes and 1.08 miles I was really feeling it in my thighs. Then I played around on some of the weight machines. No plan, except to work my arms a bit.

For the finally, I went to the other Elliptical machine and ran for 25 minutes. Much easier, much faster and my feet never hurt a bit.

There's one less kid in our family today. My son is now an adult. That makes two adults, one kid and me. Happy Birthday, Tyler. As an adult, he'll have to work on his birthday. But, we wanted to have a birthday dinner, so we'll be dining at Someburros, while Tyler works. Maybe , we can get him to sing happy birthday to himself.

Amy, Pat, Tyler, Emily


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Happy Birthday, Tayler.

I have never been able to get the hang of the elliptical machines. I always feel like I'm going to go flying off.

Greg said...

The City of Chandler has a public gym? Holy cow, that's great. I'm like Chad, I feel like I'm going to fall if I'm on the elliptical. I love my stairclimber though. Good job staying in motion rather than sitting still with your injury.

Marathoner in Training said...

May be he will let the rest of the family eat the icecream for him. Happy Birthday to the new adult in the family, now your wife will not be alone in that area.

Marcy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the kiddo! Dang I SO can't wait til my kids are that age :P

Pokey said...

Happy Birthday Tyler!

Dang Pat....and adult son?? You be gettin' O.L.D. :)

Amy, on the other hand, is still in the prime of her youth :)

Irene said...

Happy Birthday to Tyler!

Your family is beautiful. :)

Viv said...

4$ for a day is not too bad, well unless you go everyday. I am glad you found a machine that kept foot pain at bay.

Happy Birthday to Tyler, and your terrible maybe we can get him to sing to himslef HAHAHAH!

Nat said...

Happy Birthday to Tyler, welcome to the world of us working stiffs.

I am so totally uncoordinated that after about 10 minutes I am convinced that whatever it is I am supposed to be doing, this is probably not it. Good on you for getting it done. :)

J~Mom said...

Love that picture!!