Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jerome Hill Climb

What are you doing on September 6th? I suggest you visit the mining town of Jerome in the mountains of Arizona. Then with 200 of your closest friends you can run 4.6 miles up the mountain to a finish line and food. In 2008, Zachary Thomas did it in a course record of 29:14. Some take an hour and a half.

The first photo is from the one mile mark looking back at the start. If you look closely at the second photo, you'll see a line of runners proceeding up the dirt trail. The third photo is right before the finish line.
Jerome is called the 'Most Vertical City in America' and now you can see why.

Now, this 2009 will be my first year running this race and I was wondering how you get back down. I looked in the race photos and I don't see the bus. But, I do see other photos of people heading down this road on foot. Maybe the bus is around the corner. Or maybe you'll have to run the 4.6 miles back down the trail as a cool down.

If you like these photos, check out Megan's website. She's a pro that takes pics at many of the ARR races. What's more amazing than the lack of a bus, is that she'll sell you the pictures dirt cheap. So cheap, you'll even want to buy pictures of strangers.


Chad in the AZ Desert said...

I've done this race a couple of times. You definitely have to go out easy because if you go out too hard there is no possible way to recover because the hill never ends. As for getting down, it's best to plan on running or walking back to the start. They don't like having cars on that narrow road.

Adam said...

Gosh, since I'll be in town at this time I almost thought about doing it - until Chad in the AZ commented about how you have to walk down! That sounds like a good way to loose a toenail! :)

Of course, I'll still probably comment on your race photos that I was jealous and wished that I was there!

J~Mom said...

Whoa!! That looks like fun but hard!

Jeff said...

Tried to get Taryn and Pokie to train for our relay on that course -- I think they're still laughing!