Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Races Added to My Schedule

I just renewed my membership to the Arizona Road Racers. ARR is the running club for the greater Phoenix area. I am a member of SAR - Southern Arizona Roadrunners too. They are out of Tucson, an hour 20 minutes south of my home.

I joined as a Benefactor. It's three times the cost of a normal membership. But, I get to run in 10 races for free. The Christiansen Trail Run, The Desert Classic 2 miler, All five of the Summer Series races, The Jerome Hill Climb, The South Mountain Classic 5k and the Mazatzals (mad as hell) Trail Run in Sunflower, AZ.
Here's the races I'm adding:

Papago Park 5k on May 23.
Reach 11 Park 5k on June 14.
Rio Vista Four on the Fourth on July 4.
Kiwanis Park 5k on July 18.
South Mountain 5k on August 9. (those are the summer series races)

Jerome Hill Climb. Here's what ARR says about it:

"Join the ARR for the 39th Annual Jerome Hill Climb. This unique event is a 4.6 mile uphill run on paved and dirt roads that begins at the Jerome Historical Museum and passes through historic downtown Jerome before finishing on a nearby mountain top."

Here's a view of Jerome, "America's Most Vertical City". Yeah, we start near the bottom and finish way up high.


Anonymous said...

That hill climb sounds rough!

Adam said...

Nice! More races, I am super jealous.

I told my wife that when we get to AZ that I want to join one of these running clubs. Does the PHX one have practice runs that are close to Chandler?

PS. I am going to email you a random question about home financing - not sure on how much you have to deal with that.

PSS. Which garmin do you have that it has your VO2 on it? I have the 305 and I've never seen it on there - but I haven't really fiddled with it much.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

That should keep you training. Sounds like heaven (except for that hill)! Happy Racing Season.

Jeff said...

I'm thinking my relay buddies Karen and Taryn need to take a field trip to Jerome to train on some Arizona hills!

My Life & Running said...

You shush your mouth Jeff!!!! ;)

Pat, you amaze me. I've walked through Jerome... I think I'll live vicariously through you on that one!

J~Mom said...

I didn't know ARR had that option!

I am glad I will see you out at the summer 5k series!

Adam said...

Have you ran the Kiwanis 5k before? I am highly considering adding it to my schedule. (It is only 3 or 4 miles north of my inlaws) I'd like to get one in during June as well, but I don't know if I'm going to be able to swing it... Possibly July 4th?