Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tired Legs

My son had to go to downtown Chandler for a Japanese Swordsmenship class. It was his first time driving down there, so I told him I would go with him and run home. I don't get to do too many runs that aren't a loop, so this would be fun.

Except, after running two races over the weekend and running yesterday and again tonight I had tired legs. Four runs in five days was a bit much. Yesterday I ran 3.4 miles in 40.06 (11:36 pace). I got to run the Indian Bend Wash, almost got run over by some SF Giant minor leaguers in a van(they were in uniform) and almost hit by a golf ball as I ran past the golf course. The top map is of that run.

Tonights run was 4.3 miles in 50.57 (11:41 pace). I started my run right where the Ostrich Festival finish line was. The hardest part of the run was going past all the great smelling restaurants. In and Out Burger was unbelievable. I almost stopped.
So, what's unusual about the bicycle below? You can click on the photo to enlarge.


Anonymous said...

It looks like he can turn his back wheel in addition to his front wheel! That or he goes forward sideways. lol

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Sounds like you need some rest for those legs.

Adam said...

Yeah, time for a rest day it seems. Although, you didn't drop off the pace too horribly - but better to listen to your body.

Did you take that picture of the bike? it looks like he is sitting behind the back wheel. Almost like a rumble seat on an old (1930s) Ford car.

lifestudent said...

I used to have my husband drop me off places and run home - its so great not running in a loop and running home is a great motivation :)

Anonymous said...

Are your legs worse than when you were streaking??

That's a funky looking bike. Do both wheels turn?

Pat said...

My legs felt great last week when I was running every other day. The extra work made them tired. I'm sure my run tomorrow will be fine. I took two days off with a little softball tonight.

The bike frame has hinges, so that both wheels can be pointed straight, but not on the same line.

Cheryl said...

That is some funky bike! Hey Pat, I must admit to being preoccupied with my new granddaughter for the last couple of months, and slacking on the blogs and exercise. When did you change the name of your blog, and what does it mean? I went back quite a ways in your posts, but couldn't find it.