Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How far can I go in Minnesota?

I'm getting my mileage in at a walk/run type pace. Last week it was 18 miles and this week I have 9 already (Monday-Sunday). So, when I run I think about the Twin Cities Marathon course.
The first 2-3 miles head west out of downtown Minneapolis and up a hill to a chain of lakes. It takes me that long to get to my running lake, Desert Breeze. Then the next 5 or 6 miles is along the lakes, so I do a few laps around my lake. From 8 to 15 in Minnesota takes you to Minnehaha Falls, a scenic park near the Mississippi River. These days, as I run I try to picture what that run is going to be like.
Now, I'm way behind in training due to my ankle.

So, my mind wanders to how far I can actually run on Oct 4. I doubt I'll be ready for a full marathon by then. But, it's all paid for, so I will run as far as I can. At the Minnihaha Falls (yes, it's really called that) there is a light rail station. I can run 15 miles and then skip the rest, take the rail to my hotel, pick up my baseball tickets and go the last game at the Metro Dome.

Or I can go to the 19 mile marker and I'll only be a couple miles away from downtown. The last 7 miles heads away from Minneapolis to downtown St. Paul. I even thought about sleeping in and taking the rail to the 15 mile mark and start my run from their. Of course, I would not run thru the finish line nor collect any hardware or a finisher's shirt. I'm going to enjoy the experience, but not cheat.

Most likely, I will run the first half of the race and then determine how I feel as I run. Hopefully, the cooler temps and the crowds will help me to run further. Less than 8 weeks to go.


lifestudent said...

I think your thinking is right on ... wait and see. Dont think about how far you will go, or when you will stop. Just get out there and do your best, and when you decide its the end of the line you will be happy with your choice and proud of your accomplishment ;)

Adam said...
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Adam said...

I read a bunch of posts offline while on the plane and didn't paste your whole comment!!

So, I think that you would be a much bigger man that I for two reasons:
1. Being able to actually stop after 19 miles.
2. Not just running 11 miles and snagging a medal. :)

Keep cranking away. I was thinking today, if nothing else, you could not taper and be NEARLY there based on the 10% rule. Of course, this coming from the guy who took 4 advil and gutted out the Chicago marathon about 30 minutes off pace.

Firefly's Running said...

Pat, you can do it! I ran RnRAZ with that ankle problem.

BTW, as a native Minnesotan (transplanted in Chicago), Minnehaha Falls has the most beautiful view of the course (and where I ran along by many, many times in the my MN running adventure). I wish I could drive up from Chicago to cheer you on.

rozydesouza said...
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samantha said...
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