Monday, December 21, 2009

Arizona Vs. Michigan - The 1000 Mile Challenge

It's Arizona Vs. Michigan
Five runners per state.
1000 Miles per runner (or more) in 2010.
We need a team captain for each state and a team name. I'll volunteer to be the AZ captain. I now need teammates. Anyone interested, just leave a comment. Michigan needs a captain. I'm thinking Jen or Ken. As soon as we get captains, we can start making some rules.
If you leave a comment and want to suggest rules or a team name, do so. If you live in another state and can round up 5 teammates and want to play, let me know.


})i({ RunnerGirl said...


MCM Mama said...

That sounds so fun! If anyone wants to make a Virginia team, I'd be in (or could I run WI, which is my home state?)

desert trail runner said...

I'm in Pat, if you can put up with some very low miles (or no miles) until my freaking ankle heals!

All good if ya can't though mate.


Emil Von Runner said...

I just went over 1000 for 2009. I'm in for Michigan 2010 runners. It'll take me most of the year, but hopefully I'll hit it closer to October next year.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Pat, I'll be Captain of the High-five state! I was thinking of some rules/incentives. Maybe we can have quarterly winners as well as a overall winner. That would make it fair when your temps get into the 100s and ours are in the teens.

Adam said...

Oh, I'm soooo in. I'm going to do my part to light up the miles.

Anonymous said...

Found the post! Count me in for Team Arizona.