Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Butterfly Effect:

John Bingham, The Penquin, has written his last column for Runner's World Magazine. Waddle On, John. You have helped many people learn to love running and you can count me as one of them.

Here's his last column:

The Butterfly Effect:


Adam said...

Interesting. "Has decided to move on". I wonder what that means.... Marathon and Beyond Mag? :)

Adam said...


The Penguin Joins Forces with Competitor

Affectionately known by millions of runners around the world as "the Penguin," John Bingham will join the editorial team at Competitor Magazine in 2010. He will pen a new monthly feature titled The Penguin Chronicles in the magazine's re-launched format beginning in March

Anonymous said...

Wow..didn't know he was leaving. I have seen, but never read a Competitor Magazine. Must've been an offer he couldn't refuse.