Saturday, December 26, 2009

I hurt all over

Ever since the Tucson Marathon I've hurt all over. I went to my doctor and explained. She was confused, so I showed her by touching my arm and saying 'Oww, that hurts." I then touched my shin and said, 'Oww, that hurts.' I then touched my forehead and said, 'Oww, that hurts.' After looking at my finger, she put a bandaid on it and said my finger was sprained.

Seriously, my back and left calf have kept me out of my Nikes. The back seems to be getting better, but the leg is hurting more and more. I haven't run since Monday, the first day of winter. Only 9 miles run since the marathon. Maybe calling it quits at the 20 mile water stop was the right call. Therefore, I ran on and finished the bloody thing.

Sorry about saying 'bloody thing'. I'm reading a book I got for Christmas written by an English stand up comedian, Tony Hanks. Not the skateboard dude. He likes to say English things like que and quay and bloody thing. The book is "Round Ireland with a Fridge."

It's a true story about a guy that has a bet that he can't hitch hike around Ireland with a fridge. Before you call him daffy (English term) keep in mind he used a small compact fridge and a hand dolly. Then realize that he sold 500,000 copies to the Queen's subjects and that they and other who bought the book are the 'daffy' ones.

I'm not daffy, because it was a gift*. I'd blog more, but I got to get back to the book.

*My son heard me talk about this crazy book I saw in Barnes and Nobles. The library didn't have a copy, so I didn't think I'd ever read it. He went out and bought it for Christmas. What a good kid.


TNTcoach Ken said...

Get that finger taken care of..

Firefly's Running said...

Feel better soon.

Adam said...

Yeah, hope that you're feeling better now. It seems like gutting through marathons always makes me sore afterwards.

You have to get better for the AZ v MI challenge, right?