Wednesday, November 06, 2013

New York City Marathon Injury Update

Going into the marathon I had three small issues. One was a foot issue that kept me from running for about 4 days. It was a few months before the marathon. The second one was a right knee issue. I've never had an issue with either knee, but it kept me from running for about four days just 3 weeks before the marathon. The last issue was my left heel barking the week of the marathon. I get this type of pain fairly often and I figured I would just endure it on race day.

The morning of the race I felt pretty good. My heel pain was there, but not an issue. The weather was cool, near 40 degrees when I was in the start village. But, I was bundled up pretty good, so I felt fine and didn't notice any cold until I got on the Verrazano Bridge.

I first noticed pains in my legs around the 11 mile mark. That's way too early, but what are you going to do? I kept moving forward. At some point my feet started hurting and in particular the pad on my right foot. After the race I had a blister and it felt like I was walking on a ketchup packet.

When I was in the Bronx and for a few miles after (19-24 mile mark) I felt my right knee swelling. At least it felt that way. I would touch it, but it didn't feel different. It would keep me from any serious running for most of those miles.

The last 1-2 miles I didn't notice any of these issues. I was able to run like I had just started the race. Three things may have lead to this. One, I took my sweats off around mile 22. The cool weather (still in the 40's) against my bare legs may have given me a second wind, as it where. Two, I thought I had a chance at a Personal Record (PR). Faulty math in my head, I really didn't have a chance at all. Finally, I ate some Chia seeds from a packet I got from the New York Road Runners. They say chia seeds give you some extra umpff.

After the race, I was limping because of the blister. I had a long walk to the subway station. I took one rest break on the curb.

Chafing? I had none. I used vaseline extensively on my upper legs at 6 am and I got some more around mile 23. No chafing what so ever. I hate chafing.

It's now three days later. My only issue is a sore left ankle. It started bothering me on Tuesday. My knee feels fine, the blister on my right foot is almost healed and I don't feel it anymore.

There's a good chance I'll go for a 3 mile run tomorrow.

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