Thursday, December 21, 2006

Happy Birthday, Amy

Just wanted to say it's my wife's birthday. And she doesn't look a day over 29.

Amazing story on ESPN's website

New York City Marathon Photo

Just finished a 1 hour run. Got in 5.11 miles at under a 12 minute pace.

So, my daughter got us some free premiere tickets to see Dreamgirls at the Harkins Theatre in Scottsdales mall. It's a showing one day before the official release. We get there early because they said they gave out extra tickets and they expected it to be filled to capacity. We waited in line and only about 50 people came. The theater was practically empty. Before the movie they told us if we had an kind of recording devices, including camera phones we were to take them to our car, because we would not be admitted with them. They had a guy check purses at the door and throughout the entire movie two people used night vision binoculars (or something) to check each row. In the middle of the movie they escorted one young man out. I, literally felt like I was in an occupied country and if I even sneezed the secret police would take me away and I'd never see my family again. It was very strange.

But, the movie was great. Jennifer Hudson, from American Idol stole the show and Eddie Murphy was super too.


Spark Driver said...

Awesome story. We all need a training partner as loyal as that.

Phil said...

Nice pace for an our Pat .. and Happy Birthday to your wife.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

happy birhtdya to pat's wife!

Javamom said...

Happy Birthday Amy!!

Great run, Pat!! You are almost to your marathon!

Firefly's Running said...

I can not wait to see that movie. It looks SO good!