Monday, December 11, 2006

Monday night TV

It's the only night I watch tv with a plan. How I Meet Your Mother, The Class, Two and a Half Men, The New Adventures of Old Christine and Studio 60. Just don't tell anyone that I'm not watching Monday Night Football.

Today's Running: I ran in the neighborhood for 1 hour, 12 minutes and 43 seconds. I covered 6.23 miles and my pace was 11:40. I only walked three times. Just think in June my first venture out running was about 6-8 houses. I finished walking around the block for almost an entire mile.

Fellow Bloggers: I get a lot of inspiration from my fellow bloggers. Almost every other day I click on my favorites which you can too. Look down the right side of my blog and you'll see my favorites by location. Lately, I've been really motivated by the Texas gang. These runners in the Houston area are special. If you're into running, check them out.


Firefly's Running said...

Damn...I missed those show tonight. They are SO good.

Phil said...

You are really coming along Pat. This was a great run. Keep up the good work.

Javamom said...

I agree about the Houston runners! Don't you want to be in the Striders? What a great run!

Anonymous said...

The Houston group here is family and our club, the Houston Striders is made up of the best kind of folks. I don't honestly think I'd be that fired up about running if it weren't for our community here in Houston. Of course, Pat, it's really neat to extend that community, in a way, out to you in Arizona and to Javamom and the RWBF crew. I'm really glad you two are blogging. It's kind of like we're in this thing together.

Great 6 miler there, dude! Quite speedy.


Pat said...

I'm sure any day now the Houston Striders are going to bill me for membership. And it would be worth it, because they do inspire me.