Friday, December 01, 2006

Terry Fox

I got my copy of Runner's World. It's really good this month. In it is an article about Terry Fox, the Canadian who attempted to run across his country on one leg battling cancer. He is amazing. If you haven't read the article, buy a copy, go to the library or find a doctor's office that has Runner's World.

You can also click on his name above to learn more. On September 17th of each year there are Terry Fox runs all across Canada. I can't believe there's not much going on here to honor Terry Fox.

Today I ran. After 4 days rest from my vasectomy, I couldn't stand it any longer and I went out for any easy 2 miler. I had to put the garbage out at one of my vacant listings, so I ended up running on the canal that goes by this property. It's a part of the canal that is not landscaped for the public. Just a gravel drive for SRP trucks, but it worked for me. I ran at a 12:37 pace, which was faster than I thought I was running. It was just great to get out in the cold (54 F) and enjoy a run. The good news; I ran pain free.

The Scale: I thought I would gain weight this week, since I wasn't running. I, actually lost about 1/2 pound and weigh 233.5 (a low for this year).


Firefly's Running said...

Pat, I have not checked my mail today....yet. I hope to get my copy in the mail and look forward to reading it.

Javamom said...

Glad you are back to running, congrats on your low weight! That is awesome!! Doesn't it just feel great!

Perry said...

I love Runner's World. It is definitely one of the best running mags around. Their website is a little annoying (it loads slow).

Congrats on the run and the new low weight. Keep up the great work.

Just Your Average Joggler

Phil said...

Great work on the continued weight loss. When I look at your picture, I keep seeing this 170 lb guy trying to break free. I've got a hunch we'll be seeing him within a year. Great squeezing in a run so soon after your operation.

Spark Driver said...

I can't imagine running two days after a vasectomy. I can picture you all bow-legged like a cowboy hehe

bigmike600 said...

I appreciate your kind words and support. I can only hope to be able to do some of the distances you have done. Keep on going.