Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Thank you very much

Scott & Barbara Bahr
Alea Boudreau
Hilary & Paul Boyer
Jordan & Barbara Buck
Jennifer Franco
Kim & John Gibbons
Lisa Ginn, javamom
Bob & Margie Hunter
Bob & Theresa Lachmann
The Lambert Family
Dave & Kelly Larsen
John & Signe Linda
Tiffany Lossing
Jerry McMahon
Elsie Merfeld
Jack Monahan
Thom & Sally Monahan
Debra Pierce
Mike & Karen Perry
Cathy Potter
Harry & Elsa Potter
Jeff & Annie Potter
Steve & Frana Potter
Katie Riley, K80K
Raymond Rivera
Jerry Sappington
Evelyn Sissel
Peggy Stamm
John & Judy Watson
Paula Wirth

These folks are my relatives, clients, fellow bloggers and mostly friends.

These folks haven given generously to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I, also, know that all of these fine folks have given to other worthwhile causes and are truly special people. Thanks again.

Thank you Thank you Thank you


Javamom said...

Thanks for the reminder!;>)

Pat said...

Lisa, Thanks for the donation. I really do appreciate it.