Monday, November 27, 2006

Tortilla Flat and the Apache Trail

Saturday: My kids, wife, father in law and his wife and I spent the day driving the Apache Trail. If you ever come to Phoenix, this is a great way to spend the day. It is very scenic with winding roads through the Superstition Mountains with views of three different lakes. The first lake is Canyon lake and we stopped there to ride the Dolly Steamboat. Unbelievable views. We then had lunch at the Superstition Saloon (pictured above) in Tortilla Flat (pop: 6). Too tired to drive all the way to Roosevelt Dam, we turned around and made it back to civilization. Of course, we stopped to have some gelato at Angel Sweet. A great day. I rested and then around 7 pm went out for a 4.16 mile run. Did it in under 50 minutes and didn't feel too bad about the burger for lunch or the gelato. Apache Trail Photos

Sunday: rested most of the day. I did do a little work, showing a couple homes and taking pictures of two of my listings. In the evening, my daughter Emily ran a mile with me in just under 14 minutes. She's just starting out and doing great. Then I ran another 4.24 miles. My pace was around 12.52 for the entire run. I ran along the major streets (Ray, McClintock and Chandler Blvd.) for the first time. Since, I am doing longer runs, the neighbor hood is just not big enough anymore. One sad note, I passed a cat lying down off the sidewalk. It didn't move when I ran right past it (really close). I think someone lost a friend.

Monday: I won't be running for the next few days. In about one hour I will make my way to the doctors office. There I will be getting minor surgery. Elective. Not a real big deal, but I will be getting a vasectomy. Not real smart doing this during training for a half marathon, but you gotta do it when the insurance will cover it.


Phil said...

You're getting some nice runs in Pat. Happy to read that your daughter is getting into the act. It will be good for her also.

Haven't a clue what the recovery time is for a vasectomy; but I assume you want to get it done before the end of the year .. so the sooner the better.

Firefly's Running said...

Owwwwwwww. Rest well and frozen peas are better than a bag of ice.

J-Wim said...

I second the recommendation for peas. They are a gross veggie anyhow, so a much better use for them.
Seriously, my husband had 2 vasectomies (don't ask!) and the recovery time was very short -like a weekend- although he was not training anything but 12-ounce weight lifting at the time. Good Luck!

Javamom said...

Great job on your runs. I often run on the major roads out by my house and at first I hated it but now I don't mind. They are getting ready to open this big trail along the canal out here and I can't wait to run by it.

Spark Driver said...

Welcome to the Vasectomy Veterans Club. They should have a international day and make a Hallmark card for us.

pika said...

Last time I was in Phoenix, we did the drive out towards Sedona and visited the Arcosante project and the church carved into the rocks out there.

I'm hoping to go down again in the near future (my father in law and his wife live in Sun City). If I do, you can be sure I'll give you a call to go out for a run. :)

Pat said...


That would be awesome to go for a run with you either in AZ or in Boston. I'd love to do Heartbreak Hill.