Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Track Workout

Here's a neat graph. It shows each of my workouts and races graphed at what my weight was on that day.

I've run two races and I was 10 pounds lighter on the second run. Consequently, I ran the second race almost 8 minutes faster. Does this mean, if I lose another 40 pounds I'll finish a 5k before I even start?

Last night I ran with Team in Training (The Luekemia Society) at the Andersen Junior High Track. We ran 6 sets of 5 minute runs with a two minute break in between. I estimate I ran about 3 miles. It was a good workout and a chance to meet some of my teammates.

I'm getting pretty excited about running the New Times 5K this Sunday. It will be the first big race for me. I'll get to run over the Tempe Bridge, Tempe Lake and around downtown Tempe and the ASU Campus. My report to follow.


Vic said...

Happy running, Pat.

Firefly's Running said...

Nice job on the running!

Phil said...

Yep ... weight reduction really helps your running. In fact, once you figure out that you're really loosing weight as a method to make your running better instead of the other way around, you’ll only get faster.

Good luck this weekend. It should be a fun race. The course gets a bit crowed at the beginning as you go over the Mill Ave Bridge, but frees up once you get onto the Rio Salado Parkway.

Javamom said...

YAY Pat!! You will do great this weekend! I am so excited (and nervous) for the 5K!