Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My 45th Birthday

Yes, back in 1961 I was born on this day. Did you know that if you look at 1961 upside down it's still 1961. See I typed them upside down.

So to celebrate I ran the Western Canal in the morning. 2.5 miles each way up to the Ken McDoanld Golf Course and the power plant. It was a slow run, 1 hour, 7 minutes and 20 seconds, but a good one. I passed a half dozen walkers, a few bikers and I found a golf ball. A Wilson Ultra Competition 90 compression golf ball. During the run, I tried to think of when I played golf last. I can't remember. Given the choice, I'd rather run.

Now to do a bit of work and then Amy and I will go out to lunch somewhere.

PF Chang's RNR Half Marathon Pics:

Just before the one mile mark you come up to the I-10 bridge. You leave downtown Phoenix and turn onto McDowell.

Mariscos is just one of many restaurants along McDowell. Not sure, other than shrimp, what they serve.

Some say this building looks like a roll on deodarant. Maybe it is, since it is the Dial Building. Not sure if Dial still has it's corporate headquarters here, but runners will see all the tall (tall for Arizona) skyscrapers along Central avenue.

Banner Good Samaritan Hospital. Between miles 3-4, but I doubt any runners will be ready for the emergency room.


Phil said...

Happy birthday Pat ... congrats on a nice run on your birthday. It's the best present you could have given yourself.

Dial divested itself of the copper colored Viad Center long ago. Although it's interesting how we still call it the Dial Building. I certainly do.

Firefly's Running said...

Happy birthday, fellow Scorpio. My birthday is tommorow in fact. I hope the rest of the day was a nice one.

Javamom said...

Happy Birthday!! Sounds like a grat year to be born!

K80K said...

Happy Birthday Pat!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday!