Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Better Name

I survived my minor surgery and feel much better today. Not good enough for a run, but better.

I read somewhere, someone said that the name 'half marathon' wasn't appropriate for the race of 13.1 miles. That the name made it seem like it was a lesser race and that no other race 5k, 10k, marathon, ultramarathon had a name that made the race seem like a lesser alternative. So, I want to either hear a better name or come up with one that gives that race it's own identity.

So help me out if you have a sugggestion.

Here's my ideas:

21K - since that's close to the correct distance. I think 13.1 comes out to a bit less.
A Sprintathon - Since most racers run the half a bit faster than they would a full. Even us, new to running would do the half quicker than half of a full.



Phil said...

I think the name is very appropriate it's a tough distance (and you will not be sprinting) and in the smaller 1/2 marathons you get to spend a lot of time running by yourself just focused on catching the next runner in front of you.

It's a big step up from a 10K, but it isn't as crueling as a marathon.
You should be able to slip back into your training program after a day's rest. There will be no need to spend a week recovering and another couple of weeks easing back into running.

It is an accomplishment you'll remember for a long time. It will probably take you more than 2 hours to complete and that's a whole lot of time on your feet.

Spark Driver said...

I hear you on the half marathon name. When you say it to non running friends they ask about the full one.

Sprintathon works ok.

Firefly's Running said...

I think that the name is just fine as it is.

Javamom said...

I think 21k sounds worse. LOL

Glad you are feeling a bit better!