Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Parade for Me?

Today is the day I wanted to do double digits. 10 miles on the Consolidated Canal. I slept in, so I didn't run with TnT. Just myself at 8 in the morning. I parked at the New Gilbert Center. It is a wonderful place of shops, restaurants and a theatre. My plan was to run south for 2.5 miles or 5 miles round trip. The canal is closed at Chandler Blvd., so I didn't have much choice anyway. This way at the half way point I could stop at my car if needed and resupply. I ended up stopping at the gas station for a bathroom break.

The Gilbert Days Parade was going to be happening soon, so I crossed the street to continue my run as Parade watchers were starting to line the street. I headed north to do my other 5 miles. About 1.5 miles up the canal I ran out of gatorade and decided to turn around and resupply at my car. I figured at my car I would have 8 miles in and then I could just do the final two miles on the southern portion with drinks. I did eat a vanilla gu which I think I like the best.

As I returned to the corner with the parade, the streets were lined with people and the parade was in full stride. It's a parade to celebarate Gilberts early days, so there were lots of horses, cowboys, floats, etc. Very southwest. Ahh, but there was abreak between floats and I needed to cross the street. So, I just kept on running and ran down the street for about 200 feet. I was in the parade at this point. Finally, a few people started clapping for me. "Don't look Ethel", no I wasn't streaking, but I wasn't supposed to be in the parade. It was fun. According to my Nike+ I was running at a 8:30 pace too. I finished my 10 miles on the south side by myself in a time of 2 hours 11 minutes and 11 seconds. A Personal Best for time and distance.

Next year, I just might run the entire Gilbert Days Parade.

Football note: I'm from Ohio and today is a big day. I wore my OSU 2002 National Championship Tee today and one runner did say "Go Bucks" as I passed. It should be a great game today with the team from up north (Woody Hayes would never say the state name). It's a great rivalry and both schools have benefited from it greatly. It'll be great to see the scarlet and grey up against the maize and blue again. And maybe, God willing both teams will meet again in Arizona for the national championship in January.

Go Bucks!


Firefly's Running said...

How fun! Very nice pace too. Way to go!

Javamom said...

We went to that parade last year! It's a fun parade! Congrats on being a part of it. :>)

pika said...

Hey Pat -

I'm loving my Nike+ too (I got it for my bday a couple of weeks ago).

Why wouldn't someone throw a parade for you? Look at how far you've come. :)

Phil said...

10 miles is a significant accomplishment. Nice pace. You're making great progress.