Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Arizona Canal

The Hohokam Indians built canals all around the valley of the sun and then disappeared. But, the canals are still hear serving the Phoenix Metropolitain area. There also great to run, bike or hike around. Team in Training runs the Arizona Canal every Saturday morning. Once a month all the TnT groups meet there to run. Today was the day.

This is about one mile west of Granada Park or I-51. Today we did 7.6 miles. I did my run in 1:41:30, the longest run, time wise, for me.

There's underpasses to get you away from traffic and entrances like this one at each major road.

And sometimes shade. But, heck this is Arizona. We don't have much shade.


Javamom said...

Pat, Thank you so much for the tip about Performance Footwear. I heard another place in Ahwatukee does it as well-Runner's Den? I have to look it up. Either way one or the other of those is on my list for new shoes. I had no idea what I was buying when I bought this pair. They have worked so far but I don't think they were right for my feet.

I will look for you at the New Times...maybe I can pace myself after you and get that rocking time that you got a few weeks ago at your last 5K. I am going to be the really nervous girl trying to figure out what exactly I am doing. :>)

Javamom said...

Hey Pat,

Question for you...did you get a information "booklet" with your New Times registration? I only got my number and tshirt with a piece of paper. Not much information there. Do you know where to park or exactly where the registration table will be? (No I am not getting even more nervous or anything).

Javamom said...

Ok, thanks for the help! I printed off that brochure. You would never knew I grew up in Tempe the way I am bahaving. LOL I will see you there!

Firefly's Running said...

The pictures are just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.