Sunday, November 12, 2006

Waiting for the Chip Time

529 1143 PAT MONAHAN M 45 34:00 10:57 M4549 CHANDLER, AZ

So, I finish around 8:19 am in the morning and had to wait til 7:37 pm to get the chip time. Pretty quick since it was the same day, but it seemed like a long time to me. I thought my time would be above 34:30. It was the first race I ran that used a chip.

For those that aren't familiar with chip timing, it works like this. Since everyone can't cross the starting line at the same time, you wear a radio chip that will time you from start to finish. So, even if you pass the finish line at 34:50, it will adjust your time. I must have started nearly 50 seconds behind the leaders. In longer races it will give you split times too.

My line is above. I finished in 529th place out of 704 runners in the 5k race. The next number is my bib number, then M for male, 45 for age, 34:00 is my official chip time and a Personal Record. 10:57 is my pace per mile. I don't have a clue on the other number. Then my city and state.

I do like to finish strong. I turned the corner onto Mill Avenue (downtown Tempe) and started running as fast as I could. I passed many, but ran out of gas before I got to the finish line. I managed to keep running and luckily no one passed me. Six people finished within 10 seconds of me. I'm pretty sure I passed them just past the corner.

I started the race with Javamom. She started running in July of this year and is doing fantastic. We ran together past the first kilometer. After awhile I went on. She finished in 36:51, a great time for her first race. I have to remember not to let little kids take pictures for me. At least, if I want my entire head in the photo.

More race report to come.


Phil said...

Great work Pat and congratulations on your PR! I looked around for you in before the start of the 5K, but didn't find you. There were just too many people.

That last number is your gender/age group. You ran in the Male 45-49 group (M4549). Once they get the Age Division results posted, you can see how you did against guys your age.

Vic said...

Way-to-Go!!! Your hard work is really paying off, Pat. Keep it up. I see sub-30 in your near future.

Firefly's Running said...

Awesome 5K time. Way to go!! The last numbers are your age class Men 45-49.

Javamom said...

Love the pics!! Next time I want to try to bring a camera as well. You did an awesome job on the run!!

I forgot I have a conference this weekend so I couldn't do the Gilbert 5K. I am searching December for a small one to run.