Sunday, November 19, 2006

The One Mile Test

My legs felt pretty good today, after the 10 miles yesterday. So, I decided to run a mile and see how fast I could run it.

My daughter ran with me to warm up. She is just starting to run, so we ran one minute intervals with a minute break in between. We did three of them around the block and I figure she and I can do this for the next week or so to get her into the habit of running.

After we were done, I ran my mile. I started with a pace under 9:20, but soon realized I couldn't keep it up for a mile. I slowed to around a 10:30 pace and finished strong to run a 9:59 mile. I really wanted to get under 10. It was actually 1.01 miles according to my nike+. This is a Personal Best.

Friday, I was supposed to run an evening 5k. The Gilbert Days race in Freestone Park. Instead, I had to work. Since, I am a Realtor and only make money when I sell something, work is good. I guess work comes before my running. So, no Gilbert Days run, but I made up for it with the 10 miler the next day thru their parade.

Football Note: The Buckeyes and the Bengals won. Oh yes! Heck, even the Arizona Cardinals won. This has been a great weekend.

Blogger note: I'm curious where people that read my blog are from. I read blogs from over 15 states, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Austrilia and Michigan. I heard someone say that Michigan is part of the US, but I don't believe them. So, if you're reading this please let me know where on this planet your from.


Javamom said...

Here you go!

Did you get an email from me about the DelSol Relay? Let me know if not and I will resend it.

Great job on your 1 mile run!

Phil said...

Pat ... nice job on your 1 Mile PR. More PRs to come as you continue to improve!

I'd suggest you add Site Meter to your blog. You can then see every hit to your blog and get a sense for who is lurking out there in the blogsphere.

Good luck

Spark Driver said...

Thanks for posting on my blog.

Australia here.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

yay for the mile! I think I've gotten one under 10 minutes, but not sure...

tucson, az :)
(altho sometimes I show up as denver, co)

Arcaner said...

i'm from canada, not too exoitc.

Anonymous said...

hi!! from muenchenbuchsee, switzerland! :-)
i JUST started running. only 4 weeks now. thanks for your blog. it's inspirational to see from your posts that i eventuall will be where you are now. happy 2007! tschuss!