Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Good nite for a Run!

I'm having a tough time finding time to run, work, spend time with family, watch baseball and play softball. With the temps rising, I am trying to run at night, but all kinds of things get in the way at night. I'm not real big on getting up in the morning to run, but that may be the solution.

The Suns are done, so I don't have to worry about scheduling Suns games into my day. The Reds are playing horrible, so I am now watching other teams play. I really like watching the Arizona Diamondbacks and New York Yankees. It would be a good year for a rematch in the World Series for those two teams.

My daughter just graduated from 8th grade and is now a high schooler. My son will be a junior and we'll have to start visiting colleges next school year.

I'm working a lot lately. That's good, because I'm a Realtor. No work and no money. So work is good. I have two clients that are moving to Glendale and El Mirage, which are on the other side of the world (metro area). 38 miles one way from my home.

Tonight, I ran 5 miles. I ran from my home to Desert Breeze Park. There's a path that goes around the lake and two baseball fields. I ran around the path a couple times and then ran back home. It's a nice run. I ran after nite fall, so it was cooler. Probably under 90 degrees.

My mileage has been low lately, but I hope to get it back up. I did sign up for the Summer Series of Races put on by the Arizona Road Runners. The first race is this Sunday in Papago Park.

I need to get more miles in and pick a half marathon to run this fall. Wish me luck.


J~Mom said...

It's so hard to balance it all. I hope to see you at some of the 5ks this summer. I am hoping for a healthy leg by the June one now. Keep working hard, we have lots of houses to sell around here. :>)

Firefly's Running said...

It's sometimes a challenge to put the effort into running. I am glad that you are finding a way.