Monday, May 14, 2007

Rest In Peace - Orange Crush

Friday was opening nite of the summer softball season. I went to the cages the night before to get some hitting practice in and take a short run. While I was at the cage I broke my bat. Not a wooden bat, but my Mizuno Orange Crush. It's $200 to replace.

We had to play without it on Friday nite. After four ininngs we were leading 7-0 and I had hopes of getting a shutout. My first one ever as a softball pitcher. But, then the wheels came off and we gave up 6 runs in the last two ininngs and barely held on for the win.

Below are pictures of my bat. Rest in Peace.


J~Mom said...

Oh no!! Rest in Peace orange bat!!

Jenny (J-Wim) said...

You swung so hard you broke your bat - impressive! You are now nicknamed "The Crusher" in my book!

pika said...

The pictures of your bat are rather impressive... wow! I've always been a wooden Louisville Slugger sort of girl (you should have seen me explaing that to the Statie who helped me change my tire once on the Mass Pike... "Really officer, when I get frustrated I drive over to Good Times and take out my frustrations on as many balls as the pitching machine will throw at me for $5...")

Here's hoping you find a good deal on another bat

Firefly's Running said...

OMG! You must have taken a big hit with the bat.