Saturday, October 17, 2009

Two Marathons completed in 11 days!

Much thanks to Hal Higdon, the Runner's World contributing editor and author of many marathon training programs in helping me complete two marathons in just 11 days.

Many of you know about my running of the Twin Cities Marathon on October 4th. It was a run I had planned since early in the spring of 2009 and after an ankle set back and a tweeking of my training, I completed much to my surprise.

But, you don't know that I met Hal at the Health and Fitness Expo in St. Paul the day prior to the race and that is when Hal assisted me in getting the second "Marathon" done.

Hal Higdon is the author of 35 different books and training guides and is best know for his virtual training guides you can buy online that will get you to finish a marathon. His latest work is a novel titled, "Marathon" and that is the second marathon I speak of.

You didn't really think I ran two marathons that soon?

Marathon, the novel is a great book. I got copy number 336, autographed by Hal himself. It's a story about a race director and his new love, a big city marathon that is in jeopardy of losing it's sponsor, first time marathoners and the whole marathon experience. Finally, there's a secret celebrity runner too. As a marathon runner, you'll have deja vu moments as you read each chapter. Read Hal's new book right before your next big marathon and you too, can complete two marathons in 11 days (it would have been faster, but I had to complete another book first).


desert trail runner said...

You BIG jerk! You fooled me!!! haha


CurrentlyVince said...

Now that was funny! I saw the post title and thought, "Dude is on a roll!" I may have to think about that book as a possible read in the future.

Adam said...

NOT reading this post!! :)

I'll circle back when I finish. right now we're about 45 minutes into the marathon itself.

What # did Hal put in your book? Mine is 342 or somewhere around there.

Jeff said...

It's on my list to read. Wonder if Hal will be at MCM this weekend.