Sunday, March 28, 2010

13.5 Mile Week

2.3 miles tonight. It's not high mileage and it's not fast mileage, but it's outdoors and it's enjoyable.

I'm trying to be more concious of what I'm putting into the ole pie hole. So, I'm snapping pictures with my new palm pre. I just had to get a phone named after a runner.

Anyway, Amy won a cheesecake at Albertson's. I had a small slice yesterday.
I do like popcorn. Had some while we watched Charlotte Grey last night.
Dinner yesterday was a baked chicken breast, broccoli, three cherry tomatoes and some fruit (bananas and straberries). The bowl to the right was some kind of spicy stuff Amy wipped up. Oh, and that's a homemade roll. Part whole wheat and part white flour. It taste much better than it looks. I forgot to take a picture of tonights dinner. We had a salad, spaghetti with a little bit of chicken and a broccoli salad. I helped make it. I diced onion, grated cheese and made a sweet and sour mayo mix. It had sugar and vinegar in it. Tasted great. We used half the amount of mayo and sugar that the recipe called for.

Lunch yesterday and today was left over Mostocholi. One bowl was for me and one was for Emily.

Not pictured were a hand full of cashews, three sugar cookies (small ones) and one myoplex (after tonites run). Breakfast was a bowl of Target blueberry granola cereal with milk.


TNTcoach Ken said...

Has this turned into a food blog???? 13.5 is a good start.......

Adam said...

Lol @ coach ken.

I like your idea of holding yourself accountable via the blog. I'll look at your fun food all day long.

Irene said...

Nice job on nixing the soda.

I did the same thing a while back and I thought I would miss it, but don't. My weakness was Cherry Coke. I rarely ever have soda any more, unless I have an upset stomach.

That pasta looks delicious!

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Good job with the 13.5.

You're making me hungry BTW...

Firefly's Running said...

Nice pics and mileage, Pat!

Anonymous said...

I love food, so I don't mind food pictures anytime. Good miles for the week!
I have limited my soda intake to about once a month max and it took me a year to get here. :)

CurrentlyVince said...

Looks delicious, Pat!
Another blogger I follow ( has been photoblogging her eatings faithfully since last fall. I think it's crazy, but at the same time it's got to help with self-accountability.

Your pics look delicious, by the way.