Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hiking Day

After two run days I took it easy with a hike in South Mountain. I started just before 5 pm, so I knew I'd have to turn around 2 miles in so that I could get back before it got to dark. I probably could have gone 3 miles.
I ran into the park on Pima Canyon road, a sort of fire road. Then I hiked south in a dry wash. At this point I was all alone. I heard the occassional bee, which had me worried about swarms. About every 50-100 yards I would have to scramble up boulders - a dryfall that I imagine looks great after a heavy rain.

Hopefully next week, I can do this again and get deeper into the park to were the rock tunnels are. Below are some maps of my day. I traveled about 3.7 miles.


desert trail runner said...

Yea! Was getting worried 'bout ya...

Adam said...

Very cool. Once I get healthy, I'm going to incorporate some hill runs on south mountain. We'll have to hook up and go on some hikes!