Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Knee

On Sunday, just 13 days before the NYC Marathon, my right knee felt horrible. I could barely walk in the afternoon.

On Monday it was all better. I couldn't believe the turn around. In the evening I tested it with an easy 2 mile run in the neighborhood. One at a 10:55 pace and one at a 10:39 pace. And I felt no pain at all.  I wrote about it in RunningAhead, my running log and now I'm getting ads for pain specialists.

I found a blog on Zite about a gal in NYC that is running the marathon. She's funny, lost a good deal of weight and likes to take pictures while she runs. Next time you get, check out A Neurotic Glamour Girl.  Good luck Sheryl. She had her bib number and start info already. I didn't think I would get this until I went to the expo. But, I can and here it is.

I'm in the Green wave #4. There's three different colored waves and four different wave starts running from 9 am until 10:55. Cheetahs in the front, turtles in the back. I'm a turtle for this race. I may be slow, but I have no baggage.

Past bib #'s:

2009 Tucson Marathon: 646
2009 Twin Cities Marathon: 5766
2008 Rock N Roll Arizona Marathon: 10100
2013 New York City Marathon: 70071

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