Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Another Good Run

I do like running after the sun goes down. Even if it's 80 degrees. After I stretched, I ran my neighborhood route. I could feel my knee. Slight discomfort. Nothing that would make me stop doing an activity, but enough to make me wonder if I was doing damage and if it would get progressively worse. But after about 2 miles the pain went away and I was running sub 12 minute miles.

I was listening to my Ipod, running against traffic and being very aware of cars when I heard the roar of an engine. I turned around to spot the car and didn't see anything. I thought that it might have been part of the music so I listened, then turned around again. No car. Finally, I looked up and saw a Cessna or some other small plane overhead. We have a small airport and the planes circle over our neighborhood to land on the only runway.

Isn't it great that Baseball is back? I have Directv's baseball package and I've seen all or part of about a dozen games already. The Dbacks just lost a tough one. I taped the end of the Mets/Cards game, in which the Mets were winning. I can now watch it as I cool down from my run.

Oh yeah, my run was 5 miles in an hour and 2 minutes. If my knee feels fine tomorrow I'll do another 5 miler in the evening. Hope your running is going well.

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J~Mom said...

The kids play soccer over by that airport so I know all about those small planes buzzing by. Great job on the run!