Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Beginning of Baseball Season

I am sorry I haven't posted much lately. There's two reasons.

One. My knee has been bothering me. If I run 2-3 times in a 3-4 day time period, my knee starts hurting. It's getting better, so I am resting it. Last week I ran 15 miles over 3 days. I'm hoping I can get it calmed down so that I can get back up to the 25 miles per week I was at.

Two. It's baseball season and I love baseball. The last three nites I went to the Dbacks games against my beloved Cincinnati Reds. When I can go see the Reds, I watch them on Directv. When the Reds aren't on, I watch other teams. Right now I have the Twins-Devil Rays game on. You know you love baseball when you're watching twins/devil rays. Usually I watch Reds, Dbacks, Cardinals, national league and then american league. In that order. Below is a picture of the Reds celebrating a win over the Dbacks. The Dbacks took the first two games in the series.

So, due to the lack of running updates and the lack of time from baseball I haven't had much to write about.

Tonight I was planning to run. But, it is extremely windy. If the wind dies down, I'm runnin'.



Phil said...

Don't wait for the wind to die down ... go enjoy a little weather in Arizona. It beats running in the heat.

Anonymous said...

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J~Mom said...

Missed ya buddy. Sorry about your knee, I hope it is all better soon!

Firefly's Running said...

Sorry about the knee. I am VERY impressed that you watched my Twins on TV.