Saturday, April 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Pete Rose!

Yes, it's Pete's birthday today. I believe he turns 66.

I grew up in Cincinnati during the 70's watching the Big Red Machine. It's was a great time, as we got to watch a team with every position player good enough to make the all star team and 5 of them good enough for the Hall of Fame. They won the World Series Back to back in 75' and 76'. The leader of the team was none other than Pete Rose.

Pete wasn't the greatest player of his generation, but he was the best team mate to have and the hardest working player in the game. He holds two records which tell alot about him. One, he has more hits than anyone to ever play. He has this record because he hustled and never quit. Two, he has played in more winning games than any player ever. This happened because he was on great teams and he made them better.

None of us are perfect and neither is Pete Rose. But since I like to look for the good qualities in people, Pete Rose the ballplayer is one of my favorites.

On Pete's birthday I ran 5 miles in 1:01:11 for a 12:13 split. My knee felt good after the first mile or two and I enjoyed the run. Oh yes, I hustled all the way for Pete.

Would have been nice if the Reds had won, but they did not.


J~Mom said...

We totally could have run together today for our 5 milers! You would have sped me up, too!

Great job hustling for Pete!

What's up next on your race calender? Are you going to do some of the summer 5ks? I need someone to get me to the finish fast. :>)

Irene said...

Nice run, Pat! Take care of those knees!

pika said...
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